Wednesday, April 15


Just Ridiculous. This should never be allowed to happen.


Shelley said...

This is ridiculous, why not teach abstinence and not take drugs.

Instead treating children like there is no hope and no discipline.

This is actually very sad.

Karen said...

Ugh. Disgusting.
Not something I should be readinga t 7:40 in the morning! :)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for posting the article, Jenny. As someone who is employed in the pharmaceutical industry I find it intensely interesting. I also feel compelled to do further research on the HPV virus itself. Some continuing education lessons that I took last year discussed the virus & where it is present & cancers it is linked to (not just cervical but also oral). Thanks again for encouraging us to do our own research (and prayer) regarding our health & not just buying into whatever drug commercials & doctors may tell us. Drugs are valuable & necessary but unfortunately there are always risks to using medication.

suzanne said...

Thanks for posting this. All
I can say is "wow"

TwoMuths said...

I think it is important to note that not ALL HPV is sexually transmitted (there are hundreds of varieties), but the specific varieties that this vaccine is supposed to "protect" from are ALL sexually transmitted.

Mama Mia said...

How sad. I can't believe the mindset of some parents...they're going to do it wonder kids to day have no respect for themselves or others. Lord, come quickly!