Wednesday, April 15

for the grandparents


I can't expect anyone else to watch 1 1/2 plus minutes of Aaron helping out, but I know the grandparents will get a kick out of it. This is his favorite chore. Woo hoo! (and you can see he's a little obsessive there at the end) Yes, he picked the outfit, and the sounds you hear in the background are ala the end of Curious George. Which tells you how much he loves this job.


Shelley said...

I'm impressed What a great job Aaron.
He can help me any time.
He is very proud of his work, and pays great attention to details.

Rachel said...

That's AWESOME! What a great little helper;).

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Little by little...bit by bit....
what a great worker....YEAH, Aaron and mommy :) LOVE

Rachel said...

Good Job Aaron! I especially liked the bag shaking at the beginning :)

Rosemary said...

I love this! (And am not even one of 'the grandparents')
WOW!!! What a good job Aaron!
You are such a good worker! Your great-great Aunt Rosemary is so proud of you! What a great-great kid you are!
(And you have the BEST mom for helping you learn to be proud of yourself!)

The Barkers said...

Too Cute!

Mom and Dad Muth said...

Hi, I'm one of the grandmas. Aaron, I am so proud of you! Good job, Jenny, for helping him to learn to do such fun things!

Keep it up.

Love you all,

Grandma Muth

diana said...

I think its great that you posted this video! It is cute to watch and gives other new moms some ideas of "fun jobs" around the house. :)