Wednesday, April 8

stroller shopping

Ok, all you expert moms. I was going to buy a traditional double stroller back before Evan was born, but I'm super glad I did not. I'm now in the market for a sit and stand style stroller, and I'm trying to decide between the Sit N Stand by Baby Trend Plus or the Joovy Caboose.

The big reason I'm leaning more toward the BT model is that it can transform from a traditional double stroller to a sit n stand type stroller, and I'm trying to think ahead and get something that's versatile. I'm *hoping* this will be the very very very last stroller we buy.

SO, please give your input here, if you've had experience with either model. I can't find them in stores anywhere around here - so this would be an online, leap-of-faith purchase.

Thanks in advance!


Shelley said...

I just checked consumers report on line.
They recommend
for a single stroller Graco quattro tour sport 27lbs for $170

For a double stroller
Double tandem Graco Quatto tour duo $240

TwoMuths said...

Thanks, Shelley! I don't particularly care for Graco - but I'm sure it is just me! :-)

Amandaleann said...

I know this one is not on your list, but we LOVE our Phil & Ted's double stroller. It was an investment, but totally worth it.

Alicia said...

We have a sit-n-stand by baby trend but ours doesn't convert to a regular double stroller. What a cool feature!

I LOVED how the infant car seat locked into the sit-n-stand stroller and now Clive can sit well in the front seat. AND I just adore the bench style seat for Chloe. Makes it so much easier to load 'em up and head 'em out.

My only beef with the sit-n-stand by BT is that it's rather difficult to get stuff into the bottom tray for storage. Mongo diaper bags are not welcome nor are tall items. The collapsibility takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it it's not hard.

suzanne said...

Brace yourself, this might get long:
I have the joovy caboose.

it is smaller than most sit n stands.
I think it collapses easily.
I really like how the car seat fits in it.
The wheels seem durable, so far.
Easy in and out for Gavin

It IS hard to put things in the bottom basket. My diaper hooks onto the handle, so it doenst really bother me.
If we are out all day and Gavin gets tired, he cant fall asleep in it. He does fall asleep, but then he falls out b/c there is nothing for him to lean on.
It is pretty heavy, too. But I bet most double strollers are heavy.
The foot tray in the front is big and made of plastic and I think it can break easily. I bought mine used and it was broken, but Ryan fixed it. It hasn't broken since, but Charlotte doesnt use it yet.

I've used other sit n stands and even though this one has its own issues, I still like it the best. Well, the best in my price range! I'd LOVE a phil n teds. If you can get one of those, I'd do it!

Anonymous said...
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The Barkers said...

I have the Joovy and love it. Don't you have the Chicco travel system like me? Just so you know...the infant carrier is not compatible with Baby Trend per the sales person at Babys R Us. So, we HAD to go with Joovy.