Thursday, April 2


Our new birdfeeder, made ala Curious George with an empty bottle of this, a pair of scissors, and a little bit of plastic gift wrapping ribbon. That bottle's contents gave me smiles and so does it's new use.

Oh, yummy. Yummy, yummy.

What makes me so happy is that the openings seem to be too small for every bird except this - my favorite little chickadees. It's so fun to watch them munch away.

And here is what Aaron saw this morning through the lens of the camera. "Mommy, say CHEESE!" and I did.


ruth said...

Wow, Aaron's a good little photographer!

Kara said...

How cute! We are so excited, too, about getting back outside and watching the little critters. I don't get excited about the rabbits, but they kids like them.

Tim and Richelle said...

we love watching the little chickadees while we are in michigan... here there are sweet little birds called senegal fire finches and then the sparrow finches that we love to watch. rebekah painted and hung a little birdhouse that i hope is still there when we get back!