Thursday, April 9

just so YOU know.

If, by any chance, your child happens to eat a banana for a mid-afternoon snack, and happens to wonder what it might feel like to have mushy, squooshy banana pulp in his ear, and tries it, do not be alarmed if said ear leaks banana-scented fluid for a couple days afterward.

Apparently it is totally normal.

Some photos from last Friday's adventure (unrelated to banana eating, mooshing, or stuffing) here.


Rachel said...

Pretty cool butterfly photos! And the banana incident is pretty funny too :)At least it's "all natural" right?

Alicia said...

Eww . . . thanks for the heads-up on banana ear smooshing. Clive's gotten banana pretty much everywhere but there or in his nose so far.

Shelley said...

That is choice.
We had the entire jar of vaseline covering Carmen's hair and that took some time to get out.
I'm sure that was normal too.

Rachel said...

Great butterfly pictures;). You lead a very event-filled life, don't you? I've never heard of banana in the ear before. It sounds like Aaron is a trip and a half.:)

Kara said...

Well, there are worse things he could've put in his ear I suppose.