Thursday, April 30


Wow, this week is flying. I'm fighting a cold (again) and washing my hands fiendishly to do my best to make sure no one else gets this nastiness.

We've been enjoying our double stroller. 2 walks outside this week, and it would have been more but it was rainy on Tuesday and yesterday I was more ill than I am today. The more walks we take, the more movement we make, and the better we all feel. I need to take a picture with the kiddos in that stroller. Aaron loves being with his brother. They're so cute!

Evan is pulling himself up to standing with regularity now. Aaron came running on Tuesday - he was in his brother's room at the end of nap time, which he's not supposed to do - but he was yelling "EVAN'S STANDING UP IN HIS BED, MOM!" and so I went running and sure enough, he'd pulled himself up!

Evan's also beginning solids, which are still sporadic. He likes them just okay - but he sure likes the idea! He wants that spoon in his mouth so much - and then when it gets there he makes the funniest faces! So far we've tried avocado and sweet potato. Can you guess his favorites?

Aaron's grasp of alphabet recognition astounds us all. He's not even three yet! I think I'll be starting some more formal blocks of learning time this fall. He won't be going to preschool, but he does need to learn how to sit still and learn. At least, this momma thinks so!

He's also getting more imaginative with his play which is GREAT. I love my boys.

In other news, the ants are once again overtaking us. It must be that time of year. I have a great husband who helped me rid the kitchen of all the hidden and not so hidden crumbs last night. So hopefully all the little buggers have to eat is the POISON. I am so mean. But these are the big yucky black ants. Ew.

And here's the back view of my head/haircut. It is about an inch and a half longer in the front. The nice friend who cuts my hair for me said this last time, "Whew! You have a ton of hair! How hot does this get in the summer?" And I was hit with the lightning bolt of understanding - Ahh, this is why I dislike heat. I have a thick woolen blanket of hair on my head (which does come in handy come January!). I really am thankful for my hair.

Oh, and I want to try this project. I probably will once it gets un-rainy enough for me to iron outside. I'm a little concerned about toxic fumes.


Shelley said...

Your boys are adorable. I like your new hair cut. We have ants every spring to we spray the perimeter of the woodwork with ant spray where they come in and then they are gone.
I'm glad you found the right stroller for your boys makes outings a bit easier.

Rachel said...

That is one blessing about living in the "high country" not many pests! Hope you get rid of them. You hair is super cute, very summery!

Rosemary said...

Aunt Kathy gets a product from her food co-op that works great to get rid of ants. It is a cinnamon oil base in a little pump bottle. Non-toxic, smells nice and works great. Sorry, I don't remember the name of it. She uses it year-round as an air freshener in her bathroom where they tend to have ants.
She gave me a little bottle to use when my craft show booth - including my cash register - was infested with little ants. (Ah, the 'joys' of selling out of a tent where the organizers decided to have a load of cedar bark munch spread out for people to walk on ... guess what was living in that pile - and then throughout the entire place!!) I shared the cinnamon oil with all my grateful neighbors at the show.
Oh, your friend did a GREAT job on your hair...SO CUTE!
Praise God for your healthy and smart little boys. This is just the BEST time. What a blessing!

Alicia said...

I've been meaning to try the whole plastic-bag-fusing thing too. Let me know if you do it - I'm assuming there's a knack to doing it just right so the iron doesn't stick to any plastic.

Thanks for the update on your family life and times! Which stroller did you end up getting?

Rachel said...

I'm going to guess that Evan liked the sweet potato the best;). That is so great that he likes the spoon. Marcus is not a big fan of it and prefers to feed himself. It's messy but he does well enough.

Your haircut is so pretty. I like my hair in a bob style also. It's so easy to do and it looks good without a lot of fuss.