Thursday, April 2

chickadee feast

Aaron helped me make this feeder and if he wasn't napping, I'm sure he'd be beside himself with happiness. This little chickadee really loves the feeder - he's been in and out and all around this morning. I report that much to my delight, a blue jay was thwarted from eating here and was relegated to the crumbs below. A squirrel sniffed around and gave up too. I am pleased.

Wanna make one yourself? Instructions here for a fancier one, or you can do what I did - cut 2 holes in the side of a plastic bottle and tie ribbon around the top. I'm not ever so crafty, am I? The holes are probably about the size of a half dollar, and I filled it with seeds up to the bottom of the holes. A half dollar. Hmm. When was the last time I saw one of those in circulation?

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Shelley said...

This is cute, i may have to make one of these.