Monday, December 8

Works of God Monday

This week I feel that I need to catch up on my praise of God and His works on my behalf for the last few weeks - life has gotten pretty interesting at our house! The holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year's, is a big rush of activity from family and doing traditional activities to extra church and youth group events and special parties to plan - WHEW! When you add in that annual sickness, passed around & around, it really takes a toll. I am so glad that in these times of busy-ness, God teaches us more about Himself.

So, my major work of God testimony this morning is - HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT!!! The fact that I am still standing upright, and by God's Grace, have been able to accomplish the majority of the tasks assigned to me or signed up for by me, is an amazing blessing! Isn't it "funny" that we can know something to be true in our heads, but once we experience it, it is as if the lights are finally on? I'm definitely a slow learner, and God is so good and so patient toward me, His thick-headed child.

What has God been teaching you or showing you lately? How has he provided for your family? How have you seen Him at work?

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PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to post just on Monday! You can link a post from a previous week, or come and link on Thursday if that is when God works and you want to share! And if you don't have a blog, leave your work of God in the comment section!

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Stephens said...

Thanks for sharing, Jenny. What a blessing to have God's grace in our lives!