Wednesday, December 3

letter to my eldest

Dear Son,
I know, you are learning things. Lots of things, at an alarming rate. Sometimes you might think you know what is best. And someday, you will. But for now, it is your mommy who knows best. And so, when you are crying and carrying on about having to take a nap, instead of making mommy see that you are right, and that you want to stay awake and play with me (I can hardly blame you, dear heart, for I am loads of fun) what you are really doing is saying to me with every whimper and cry, “MOM, YOU ARE RIGHT!” I think it might be magical, for when you cry out “No night-night, please!” I somehow hear it as “Keep making me stay here, mommy! I’ll fall asleep eventually!”

So, darling child of my heart, cry on. You are underlining what I know to be true. Someday, you will probably be wiser than your mommy. In fact, I hope that you will be. But you won’t be without sleep, son. Not without sleep.

I love you,


Ben and Carissa said...

That was so sweet, Jenny! How true it is! Cry on!

Abby Sokul Turner said...

That definitely made me laugh. Oh, if they only would catch on to the fact that we know best (for now at least!!)

Reads said...

Nothing more fulfilling than seeing a sleeping child after a long battle over nap time. Hope you see it soon!

Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing your insightful letter with us. hope aaron gets to read it someday!

Karis said...

All of us who have been there are shaking our heads in agreement. Dan and I went through this nap struggle for a few weeks last month so I know exactly what you mean. Fortunately, for some reason completely unknown to me, Kayla has started taking naps again. It's so not like her to give in to something she was against so she must really need them still (just like I had thought). :-)

The "I can hardly blame you, dear heart because I am loads of fun" was great.

Kara said...

You are such a hoot.

ruth said...

Yeah, I'm with Kara... this post is cracking me up! :)

Miss you!