Thursday, December 4

Aaron test drives mommy's makeup bag

Aside from the eyeliner on the forehead, I have to give the kid props. He knows where the mascara and, most importantly, the concealer goes!!!!


Life in Lewisburg said...

Oh this reminds me of Carmen so much. She took a large jar of vaseline and put the entire jar on her hair.
I can't tell you how long it took to take it out.
She was so proud of her vaseline hair.

Rachel said...

What did his daddy say? Michael used to like to carry around my purse and wear my shoes! Thankfully, it was only a phase:).

Kara said...

That face is just hilarious. I have a picture of Tommy wearing lipstick, it was not a pretty sight. Maybe because he's never seen me wear it he had no idea where to put it.

Stephens said...

How funny!!! This is a great one to bring out at the wedding reception. Ha ha