Sunday, December 28

what a Christmas!

This year was our family's best so far! (you may think I should pick the year we were on our honeymoon, but we both had the stomach flu, so that doesn't really top the charts) I'm sure all of you who have kiddos in this 2 year old range (or have had, in previous years) are nodding right along with me.

Aaron LOVED every aspect of Christmas - he was loving opening his presents and was equally thrilled with all gifts, small and great. We got off "cheaply" this year. Two summers ago Michael found a Home Depot tool bench, complete with a kiddie power drill, for $5 at a sale. We've been saving it for the Christmas or birthday when he seemed ready. This was the year! I'm mystified, however, at how boys turn every.thing. into a weapon. "Don't point the drill at people" has been a reminder that echoes in our halls.

Our favorite gift for Aaron was a collaboration of mine and Michael's talents - a superhero cape. One side has the Superman logo on it, and the other side a logo that Michael designed - for SuperAaron. We hope to be able to do a logo for each of the kids - and were pretty happy with how Aaron's turned out. The only other homemade by sewing gift was a pillowcase for Aaron made of Curious George flannel - a WalMart remnant. (you can catch a glimpse in the photo of Aaron asleep above)

I made a game of Memory for Aaron - simple clip art printed on card stock and cut into card shapes. He's doing great with that, and boy am I glad that he is just as happy with that as he would be a game I actually spent money on.

Evan is 4 months, so he got one present from us - a fleecy taggie ball I picked up from a local crafter. As much as he can, he enjoys it.

Christmas afternoon, we headed to mom & dad's, where we were showered with more gifts than any one family needs!

The day after Christmas, we packed up and headed to Ohio to visit some family there. It's northern Ohio - only a 3 hour trip, thankfully! We ended up staying in a hotel this year - kind of a belated and drawn out anniversary celebration. The photo of Aaron talking to George had us laughing - he was telling George about the fun he had with Michael in the swimming pool. What a little comic he is becoming. We were also spoiled by the aunts, uncles, and cousins with even more gifts! I think the boys' toy supply has tripled in the past week.

This week, I'm sending the Christmas cards. Hopefully. And the Christmas box to Colorado. We are such slackers.


Alicia said...

GREAT cape!! Chloe got a superhero cape too but hers is wonderpets style (her newest pretend game ala the nickolodeon dvds from our library). We didn't get off as cheaply this year as I would have liked but I did make at least one homemade gift for everyone on my list. Had to punt on a few projects though since I ran out of time. Christmas always sneaks up on me!

Glad you had such a swell Christmas! Believe me, it'll get even better next year as Aaron understands the Christmas story even more!

Rosemary and Dale said...

Christmas with a 2 year old is the VERY BEST!!! So glad that you were all well and the roads were ok so that you could enjoy your celebrations.
We had a wonderful Christmas too with our kids and grandkids, then with Uncle Dale's family ... I love Christmas. It leaves me feeling like I just had a nice big hug :)
Love and Merry Christmas!
Aunt Rosemary

Amanda said...

I know!!! Every year I say I SHOULD send cards. Then I think maybe I WILL send cards that say hope you HAD a wonderful christmas! Myabe valentine cards huh.

Andrew 3yrs said "I am both" standing in the living room in just his pj bottoms holding a spiderman umbrella in one had and a bibleman sword in the other. Watch out here comes evil umbrella boy!! Boys!! My friend just shook her head and laughed. She has 2 girls.

Stephens said...

I love the pictures! Aaron's cape is the best--way to go on your design, Michael. :-) I'm glad that Aaron still loves George so much. We love and miss you guys!