Wednesday, December 24

Snow and the Sniffles

Does your church make you sick? I'm convinced that is where we pick up our continual illnesses in the winter time - since we rarely go anywhere else! Ah, well, I guess maybe our immune systems will rally and be the stronger for it.

SO MUCH snow. Unless it turns into California here, we will be having a white Christmas. Michael was thrilled to get the snow blower running in tip top shape Sunday afternoon. Here he is pictured, snow blowing the patio in front of the grill. I think he is hoping for cheeseburgers today. Not sure, but you can probably tell that the snowfall has been over a foot in the last week or so. We got another 3 inches last night.

Monday, a doctor visit for Evan! He had a curious little red bump in his eye. And I take eye issues seriously. I hoped it was just a normal irritation, and it was. The PA noticed that his ear was inflamed and was going to prescribe an antibiotic, but thankfully our doctor was there and I asked him - he said I could come back Tuesday and they could re-check it. And so we did. It was looking normal, and was I ever glad! 4 months is a little young for antibiotics.

Did you know that most kids' ear infections go away on their own in 24-48 hours? It's true. I praise the Lord for my doc, who encourages us to be cautious with our childrens' health. Now if only I could get him to see things my way on some other important issues. *grin*

Not sure why, but I can't get this photo to rotate. It is just too cute to leave out. Aren't they adorable???

I think I may have/had the real, for goodness, flu. I've been out of it in a respiratory sense for several days. Oh well - live first, blog later, right?

Hence, today will bring a works of God post. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to take a vacation from praising the Lord. Get those posts ready, people!!


Rosemary and Dale said...

I hope that you all have a wonderful (and healthy) Christmas. The picture is SO cute...Evan is growing SO fast! (I'm glad to see that the "Bee Patient...God isn't finished with me yet" shirt fit Aaron. Thankfully you are not a parent who needs that reminder. But it IS fun to wear.)
Love, Aunt Rosemary

life in lewisburg said...

I think that is where we pick up bugs too. It would be nice if people at church would just stay home until they were well instead of passing it around.
I woke up with the sniffles this morning myself. Drinking fizzy vitamin C.
It's nice to have Nate and Lissa home and my husband.
Your boys are so cute and growing up so fast.
I pray you have a blessed Christmas enjoy the gift of family and friends.
Keep warm.
Thank you for your up lifting blog and sharing your family.
Love, the Stuewe's

Mama Mia said...

I agree that there are lots of germs at the church! It seems that when our kids were younger, they were always getting sick on Monday night/Tuesday. Argghh! Oh well, kids are pretty resilient, right? Parents, not so much! :)

Stephens said...

No germs being picked up from our church--yet! :-) So sorry you've been sick. Unbelievable how much snow you've had. The boys pic is adorable! We miss you and love you guys. Merry Christmas!

Mary Ann said...

Absolutely agree with you that church is a hot bed of germy activity. Unfortunately, it seems to be stomach illnesses that pass around our church. I am extremely vigilant about hand washing & not touching anything I don't have to when I am there. My dad strongly encourages us not to go to any church dinners around the holidays b/c he is convinced that's where the illnesses pass around. This year we've been blessed to be healthy (except for a massive round of strep throat around Thanksgiving & the beginning of December).
I agree that the pic of the boys is too cute to leave out & the quirky angle makes it even better ;-)