Friday, December 12

this might be it.

For the computer, that is. The virus I thought I'd gotten rid of does not seem to have been gotten rid of. It's gotten worse. I can't download any virus killing software. This is a tricky one.

I might have to call in the reinforcements. Yikes. Reinforcements are expensive.

So, pray for us. My level of tolerance is on a "low threshold" setting. Mice and computer viruses all in one week? That vacation sounds even better now. And if you don't hear much from our house, well, we are most likely still here and still doing fine.

I'm so glad that in the face of frustrating days and little problems that all add together to make big issues, I can rest in my God. He knows about my little frustrations, He never makes mistakes, and He is using all things to work toward His glory and my growth.

So, in case I don't write for awhile, Merry Christmas and have a great season of celebration!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried spy ware or macaffee I think that is how you spell. it we have both and it gets the job done. Hope this helps Tammy.

ruth said...

Merry Christmas Jenny! I hope we hear from you before then, and I hope your computer issues get resolved soon, I understand how frustrating it can be! Love ya, mean it!

Kara said...

I'm so sad. No "works of God" Monday! I always read it when I get home from work!

Amanda said...

Awww we miss you you jen!!