Thursday, December 11

Holiday Shopping and Happy Skin

Some years, all my Christmas shopping has been done on Black Friday. This year, not so much. I don't think I bought more than 2 gifts that day. And taking the kiddos out - both of them - for a long enough stretch to visit more than one store is a laughable matter.

Today, I remembered Etsy. And within 10 minutes, found 2 gifts. And as a bonus, used my PayPal balance to buy them. In essence, I turned my junk (Ebay-sold) into Christmas gifts. And buying them on Etsy makes me feel so happy, since the gifts are hand crafted.

I still have quite the list to finish, but I can cross two more off my list. Just wanted to mention this, in case anyone else is in the same boat. Hurray for Etsy!

And now for the really fabulous news. I am THRILLED with Gold Bond Medicated Lotion, Aloe. No lie. It has cured Evan's eczema. In 2 days. For once, the commercials are entirely correct. This stuff really works.

And you know me, when I find something I like...I try it on everything. Poor Michael - his feet are downright satiny. My cuticles rejoice, my dry skin sings (well, at least it breathes a sigh of relief), and I am one happy camper.


Rosemary and Dale said...

I love shopping (AND SELLING) online. I was able to find what each of my grandkids wished for either on the manufacturer's website or on Ebay. I have also had lots of folks buying special personalized Christmas gifts from me on Ebay or on my website. (I keep my mail carrier busy this time of year, for sure!)
Thanks for the info on the lotion. We are going to have to give that a try.

Alicia said...

WIsh I had a paypal balance to burn! Sounds like a great way to save money on gift-giving. Maybe if I'm more organized next year I'll try selling junk on ebay. What exactly did you buy on etsy? Love that site. I try not to visit it as I always spend way too long browsing. Have you seen Joanna Griffiths' etsy shop? Just search by seller (no spaces between joanna and griffiths) to find her.

NYC Freelancer said...

Hello from Carmen (Lissa's sis),
I just wanted to say I am doing the same thing! (Selling unwanted items on Amazon and eBay and turning those sales into wishlisted items for the holidays)! Great idea really...especially when money is tight :D I also am writing about some cheap DIY gift ideas on my DIY Anything blogger site too :)
Your boys look so grown up already...and so adorable...I hope to meet them (and you and your husband) in the near future :)
Happy Holidays to you all!