Tuesday, December 30

loving on

Five years ago, (plus a few weeks) Michael and I got married. I had heard stories of the stressful first year of marriage, I'd taken Christian Family with Dr. Kimbrough, and I was prepared for this marriage thing to be a lot of work. (Anybody else remember his "call me" line?) I was also prepared to keep loving my husband, to keep falling in love with him. We waited, with a little trepidation, for the "hard" part of that first year to kick in. And, thankfully, we are still waiting.

I'm not saying that each day brings big romantic dates and flowers, but I've never been much for all of that, anyway. And, Michael is still my very favorite. If I could, I would spend all day with him, every day. I simply do not understand people who take separate vacations from their spouses or become irritated with "too much" time together. We are still scouring the planet for a job we could do together. Often, we are frustrated because we don't get enough time with one another.

Maybe we are weird, maybe we don't have enough years under our belts, but this marriage thing is a whole lot of fun. We really like each other.

I imagine that the same people who rolled their eyes at us as newlyweds on our first (and only) couples retreat and said "just wait five years" are still rolling their eyes at us and saying "wait five more" but I will take my chances. And I will praise our God for pouring His grace on us, for bringing us together, and for helping us love on.

Here's to fifty more (at least) years, Michael. I am so thankful for you, for your leadership, patience, loyalty, and love.


Rachel said...

I can attest to that sentiment as well, Jenny. My boy is the best! We are just over 5 years as well, and are still "waiting" for things to get "hard" God has definitely blessed us with his pick for our lives. I love the triangle analogy...God at the top, Marand and I on the corners. The closer we are to God the closer we grow to one another!

Tricia said...

After 21 plus years, Paul and I are still best friends. Those rolling their eyes at you are probably just jealous. :)

Love you!! Tricia

Keara said...

I agree - Dr. Kimborough's class scared me to death! I thought marriage was going to be awful! :) Happily after almost 4 years (it'll be 4 years on January 1st) I too am still waiting for the hard part! :) We actually still like each other - AMAZING! :) - Keara

Kara said...

I could have typed this! It was 9 years for us on Dec. 4- loving every minute of it. Well, he does sing me this annyoing diddy that he made up with a lisp... and that does get annoying, but everything else is great.

Rosemary and Dale said...

I can see it now, in 35 years, you and Michael will be like Uncle Dale and me. We're going on 40 years of 'being married to my best friend'.
Congratulations on your five years!!!!

Amanda said...

awww thats so nice. I couldn't have writen this. Every... other day is work. We both agree that we will work on it FOREVER!

Ruth Burger said...

I agree . . . married life is wonderful. I too find I cannot spend enough time with my husband; we grow closer each day. Perhaps this is why the Bible talks about oneness - - that's what marriage is all about! As for people saying, "wait until such-and-such" well, I just say "I am waiting and will welcome my husband just as much then as I do now." Congrats on five years!!

life in lewisburg said...

I also love being with my husband we've been married 30 years and are on a week trip in Portland to celebrate it, while Nate and Lissa watch our home. It's sort of a time alone for them to since they live in a community house.
We've had a great time hear and we do work together in business. We are leaving for Baltimore next week.
I can't imagine my life with out Eric.
Congrats on your marriage.
Love, the Stuewe's

Stephens said...

Praise the Lord! I ditto you in so much of what you said. I can't imagine life without Kris and don't want time away from him. God has given us special gifts in our husbands! Love on my friend, love on. :-)