Friday, May 29


I finally planted some (purchased) tomatoes and peppers. Red & Yellow Bell, Jalapeno, and tomatoes - grape (3 bushes!) Early Girl, and Roma. I'm a tad disappointed in my from scratch seedling project that failed for year #2, but at least I will know next year - don't even TRY to grow your own! I don't have a greenhouse or growing lights so I will just go spend the $6 for the plants instead of messing with little peat pellets. LOL.

I weeded both beds, and found out the hard way about stinging nettles. Ouch. My hand is still in a lot of pain and tingling. I guess my (pink!) leather gardening gloves are a necessary evil after all!! I am hoping to plant squash seeds with (or without) Aaron this afternoon, and I have a flat of pansies that need to go out front. I had a great time digging last night - very relaxing and I love weeding at a higher level! Much easier on the body, for sure.

This weekend and next are a flurry and a whirlwind. CBA graduation tonight, open houses, a birthday for my fantastic husband on the 6th, a visit from a college friend (and her dad, a former professor) on the 12th for a Pampered Chef party. Uh, wow! June will be half over before I know it! I'm excited for the teens in our youth group AND very sad to see them go. Thankfully some of them aren't going very far, so it will be nice to see them around.

I'm working feverishly on sewing some grad gifts for them, which I will be sure to post photos of, later in June. Which might be the next time you hear from me.

Probably not. I never have been good at keeping my mouth shut for long. Does the same apply to fingers?? We shall see!

Anything growing in YOUR garden? Any creative ideas for frugal, yet meaningful, graduation gifts? Is your May/June as crazy as all this???


Rosemary said...

Oops. I wasn't quick enough to bring over my spare Early Girl and cherry tomato plants that I saved for you. I will have to find them another home. (My variety of cherry tomatoes this year is 'Sweet Baby Girl'! appropriate, huh?)
My favorite graduation gift to make - a big laundry bag for them to take to college. Easy, inexpensive, practical and can be made in colors to suite the grad.

Kara said...

We have tomatoes and hot peppers planted. I gave up on growing anything from seed, this is sooo much easier, and the rabbits don't eat them.

I wish I could come to your pampered chef party! I love that stuff. I use my 10x15 stone pan ALL the time.

Shelley said...

On my blog you will see what I'm harvesting from the garden.
Hoping you'll have good experiences with your garden.
It is hard to start your own without lights and a heat mat but once you have them it's amazing what happens. Half my harvest today were started from seeds.

As far a cheap graduation gifts this is what I do. I make little graduation hats out of black construction paper a tassel out of embroidery thread and use a black button to hold the tassel down. then I go to canned food warehouse and buy a case of sparkling cider when it's on sale for a $1 a bottle. I put the hat on the cap of the bottle and I go to the dollar store and buy two graduation cards for a $1 and tape the card to the bottle for the graduating student.
The students like it and I like the price $1.50 and a little time.
I've done this gift since Carmen graduated from high school 11 years ago. It seems to span the ages.
June seems like it's almost over too.
I have graduation parties, weddings, moving Nate and Lissa stuff to their new place and checking on my parents.
Life dose not slow down when you get older. That is a myth.

Alicia said...

Oooh, can't wait to see pictures of your sewing creations! No ideas for you, sorry. My creativity has been dry as of late.

We're growing lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce this year! Also a few pots of tomatoes (including a fun sounding jelly bean variety), basil and cabbage. And maybe some mint. Thankfully I have an incredibly skilled and experienced master gardener friend who yearly supplies me with seeds and seedlings. She loves starting things indoors and I love reaping the rewards. :)

I'm trying not to think about June yet. We'll be going on an extended visit to Wisconsin and there's so much to plan this next week.

Rachel said...

I WISH that we could plant a garden but our yard is shady for the majority of the day. I'd have to plant a vegetable garden in my front yard if I wanted one as that is where all of the sun is.;)

I have LOTS of flowers that I've planted this spring and one little pear seed that has sprouted. ;) Little Michael and I decided to see what would happen if we tried to sprout a pear seed and lo and behold, it worked! It's still growing and looking healthy;).

We have a busy June also but not until the end of the month when we visit PA and VT for almost 3 weeks. I cannot wait!! ;)

Tim and Richelle said...

... worse... but then we'll be home. :D

we've not had a ton of luck with gardening here, either. but then I have NO idea what i'm doing, either. maybe next term.

Tracy said...

No ideas about graduation gifts, but I do have a little help with weeding. Depending on the size of your rows (I don't know how big your garden is), but if you have some old carpet you can cut it down to the size of your rows and put it down between the rows so you only have to weed around the individual plants instead of the entire garden.

Amanda Irene said...

I put pics of my very little garden up for you. :)

Anonymous said...

For graduation gifts I sometimes give out homemade fleece blankets where you buy a solid fleece and a more decorative fleece and then cut slits in both fabrics and tie them together. People really seem to love these (Probably girls more than guys). I got the idea when a friend gave me one a few years back and I just love it. SO warm! Also, they don't cost too much.

Amanda Irene said...

I buy the teaches movie tickets. Who doesn't go there!?