Monday, May 4

Works of God Monday

God is so good, all the time! We've had some interesting things happen this weekend, and we know that God put them all in our path for His perfect reason. Here are some of our blessings!

1. My strep throat is back. What? Apparently I have some strain that is resistant to amoxicillin. Again, praising the Lord for the availability of modern medicine when illness strikes!

2. We got a save $10 on anything coupon in the mail from Kohls, which netted us 2 reusable water bottles (on my wish list for summer) for a mere $2.10. These are pretty snazzy bottles with those little freezable inserts for cold retention. I am really happy that I have one of these to take along with me on errand runs. I cannot even tell you how thirsty I get - must have something to do with the feeding the baby thing. Anyway, what a blessing that God provided this wish for so little money!

3. We have doors on our bedroom closets! Yay! I'll post photos once the trim is up so it can be a big ta-da, but I am so thankful that God gave Michael the time to be able to do this for us this weekend! It's fun to be able to check these projects off the list!

4. Third consecutive week at church. Amen, amen.

5. My peas, my peas are growing! My poor tomato plants did not survive their peat patty beginnings. I must be doing something wrong. The peppers survived, and I will plant them soon. But I will have to buy tomato plants. I am glad I can!

So, how has God provided for your family this week? What has He been teaching you? What are you thankful for? How did you watch God work this week? Take a little time to praise the Lord with your blog or leave a comment!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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Rosemary said...

Don't buy tomato plants yet. I have an over abundance of them started under plant lights. I will be giving away my extras if all goes well. They should be ready for outdoors in about a month.

Shelley said...

If you were my neighbor I would give you tomato plants.
I'm bringing plants to Nate and Lissa next weekend.
I was over zealous in starting seeds. So I'm giving plants to everyone I know. Not a bad problem at all just abundant blessing.

Rachel said...

Garden? Tomato plants? What are those? We live in the Arctic and I praise God for City market :)

Rachel said...

Oops, sorry, I linked you to the wrong page :)

Karen said...

Too many wonderful works to pass up this week!
I so enjoy hearing your testimonies of praise.
Feel better soon.

Tim and Richelle said...

Not wanting to do a separate post today, but we are thanking the Lord for healing for Elsie Mae. She's finishing up her antibiotics after her kidney infection and seems to be very much on the mend.

Stephens said...

So sorry you are sick again, but I'm glad that you are on a new track to getting better. Praise the Lord for all the blessings you shared! I am finally back to joining you by posting my praises on my blog again. I hope you have a great week and feel better soon.

Kara said...

Strep throat ?!? Yuck. Get better soon, there's too much to do outside!
I gave up on starting things from seed, I can't wait to go to the nursery!

A Dusty Frame said...

awesome blessings:)
Thank you for linking to my post too;)