Tuesday, May 19

*blush, blush*

I haven't ever been awarded a bloggy award, at least until now. If you haven't read A Dusty Frame, you should. Lizzie is such an encouragement to me as she faces challenges that she never expected - dealing with an incarcerated spouse, supporting and homeschooling her son James, and more. I marvel at God's grace, alive and well, in Lizzie's family. I'm not sure how I discovered her blog, but I'm very glad I did. There have been many times that God has used Lizzie's words and example to challenge and encourage me.

So when she gave me the Barnabas award, I hardly knew what to say. And I am humbled, Lizzie. Thank you. Here is her explanation of this award:

Barnabas worked with the Apostle Paul.

We remember him for his encouragement and generosity. In this spirit, I’d like to let you know that you are a Barnabas in my life. Thank you!

Lizzie asked that we pass on the award to someone who has blessed us with the gifts of encouragement and generosity. There are so many people in my life who fit this description, but I'd like to mention Richelle. I've known her casually over the years - she probably doesn't remember this, but she was a sponsor for a "Math Counts" tournament when I was in junior high, and she was yet unmarried. (I have NO idea why I was chosen to be on that team. My "math skills" are a big fat joke) And her sister in law was in my class in school. I've enjoyed getting to know her via the internet as she blogs about life as a wife, mom, and so much more in Niger. I can always count on you for a kind word, thought provoking posts and comments, and lots of encouragement! Thanks, Richelle!


Shelley said...

As a youth worker for 10 years I know about the barnabas encouragements.
We as youth workers would pass out a barnabas encouragement to a youth or a youth worker that was encouraging to us.
Its a great idea.

Alicia said...

Congrats on the award, lady! I agree, your blog is a great source of encouragement and smiles to my heart! :)

Tim and Richelle said...

thanks, jenny - for your kind words and your encouragement. 'Tis most definitely a two way street. :D

and as far as why you were chosen for that math tournament... well, other than the fact that i can barely remember that far back these days, i was just the coach. math teacher picked the team. ;)