Monday, May 25

Works of God Monday

Obviously, I am a tad late posting the Works of God this week. It's been a busy day for us! We went to a parade, had a cookout with my parents, continued our massive MASSIVE house purging, cleaned a few windows, and just had a great day.

House purging? Yes, indeed. We are getting rid of excess and unnecessary paperwork, which will free up a lot of space. And we are also tossing most of our superfluous JUNK, or at least relegating it to the garage for the pending garage sale in a month or so. Lord willing, no baby at this one. What a surprise that would be!

This week, God worked out a need for us - we have been needing to have our lawn mower serviced, but never got around to taking it to the small machine repair shop, and June is always a crazy month with extra bills - Michael's birthday is in June so we have tag renewals, life insurance payments, etc. and we try to be extra careful with expenses in June. We borrowed a mower and have mowed once, but it is really pretty necessary to be able to keep the grass at an acceptable level. Yes, there are city ordinances about this sort of thing.

Well, a couple weeks ago we got a Sears gift card in the mail and the Lord prompted Michael to see if Sears would repair/service the lawn mower. They do. So not only have we stopped procrastinating, our machine is in the "shop" but we won't have to pay out of our own pocket for its repair! Praise the Lord!

So, how has God provided for your family this week? What has He been teaching you? What are you thankful for? How did you watch God work this week? Take a little time to praise the Lord with your blog or leave a comment! Please Excuse Mister Linky. He is having a bit of a problem. If you just click on the link to leave a comment, that should work!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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Shelley said...

God provided a way for me to see my girls such a blessing.

Rosemary said...

God answered our prayers ... our premie granddaughter Mercedes Marie went H-O-M-E!!! with her mommy and daddy yesterday (Monday, one month ahead of her fullterm due date). THANK YOU everyone for all your prayers.

A Dusty Frame said...