Thursday, May 14

Dorky No More

Thanks to a friend's generosity, Aaron has two new-to-us pairs of church pants for now, and about a bazillion outfits for later. We've been blessed by this family's kindness before, and are overwhelmed with a repeat blessing. Aaron will be stylin' on Sunday, and I didn't even have to go to the thrift store again!!

Thanks, friend!!

As for Aaron's mother, well, she is still quite entrenched in her dorky phase. She is beginning to realize it is not a phase. She is embracing it. And she is laughing.


Alicia said...

Praise the Lord for hand-me-downs! Don't sweat it, dorky is the new cool. :)

Shelley said...

My kids were always styling before I was. I don't know that I am styling.
I'm sure if my children were home they would have something to say about how their parents were dressed and styled their hair.

I'm getting my hair cut on Monday. I'm going with the shag cut. I know it's not in style but it will be out of my face.
I'm practical and clean.

Kara said...

Laughing in a psycho sort of way, or laughing like you think you are really funny...?
You are not dorky! have you seem my braces????