Wednesday, May 27


There's been a lot of excitement at the Muth household lately. Evan has two teeth, in the middle on the bottom, and his top four teeth are showing their presence behind his gums. I tried to get a decent photo of his cute little grin with two teeth, but he just cried, as evidenced above. He loves to stuff Cheerios in his mouth, too. I laughed out loud capturing it on camera. He's also eaten sweet potato, banana, avocado, applesauce and asparagus. But he loves Cheerios best of all.

Aaron has a new found affinity for "wiggle worms" as he calls them. They certainly do wiggle, and he is turning into a little boy at a speed that makes me crazy. I cannot believe he will be three in August. Oh, and his hair is NOT blue in that photo above - it's just the lighting!

L to R: Memorial Day parade and an amazing view of my laughter induced double chin, first night in the big boy bed with feminine sheets he cares nothing about - isn't his excitement cute?, hilarious sneeze photo and our new stroller on our very nasty green-stained concrete!


Alicia said...

Your explanations for the photos are priceless! I wouldn't have even noticed your double-chin unless you pointed it out. Is Aaron potty training? How's that going? I'd LOVE some boy-pee-peeing advice when you get a chance.

Both your boys are adorable! How do you like the new stroller?

Kara said...

Sooo cute! Do you know what I love about Aaron? His cowlick (is that how you spell it?). And his excitement filled eyes in every picture!

nate, christina, and connor said...

love the sneeze shot.... that's great. :)

Shelley said...

Nice pictures and happy boys