Sunday, September 7

while the child screams

OK he's not actually screaming, but the two year old is protesting sleep, so after making sure all his needs are met, and that he's been sufficiently cuddled and sung to, I distract myself from his pitiful cries (all 10 minutes, as it turns out) by catching up on my blog subscriptions. OK, not catching up, but catching a few.

And boy, howdy, did I need to read this. I love my neti pot, but Shannon says it a whole lot funnier.

Thank you, Lord, for humor, right when I need it most.

Speaking of humor, Aaron's new favorite song (almost to the exclusion of all other songs) is the Alphabet song. The traditional version, which he can sing, but not usually on cue. It's so adorable. He also likes the "A-B-C-D-E-F-G, Jesus died for you and me" version which he's working on learning. A letter fixation? Hmm. I guess if he can't reliably identify his colors, we can at least wow them with counting to 17 and singing the alphabet. HA!


Cousin Rachel said...

O.K. That was super funny! Thanks for the link :)

Stephens said...

Ok, I needed that laugh. What a video! I still haven't tried the thing, but I think everyone in my family has one. I don't know, maybe I'll give it a try.