Tuesday, September 16

and I wonder

Sunday night, at Meijer, I saw one of those funky looking crossover vehicles ENTIRELY covered with a photo of sunflowers. It was bright green (leaves) and yellow (sunflowers). And there was this quote by Helen Keller screened onto the back window.

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows."

I happened to see the driver, a white haired jovial looking gentleman. Wearing bright blue scrubs. I wish I'd had the fortitude to stop him and ask his story. Unfortunately, it was raining, and he was parked on the passenger side. I didn't make it out of the van in time. But really, those are just excuses. I could have made it if I had really wanted to. I could have flagged him down. And now I'll always wonder.

But, it made me smile on that drizzly night, and I wished fervently that I had a camera phone or at least a camera with me to capture the moment.


Autum said...

We must have been at Meijer about the same time, I think I was just a little earlier than you since we didn't go to church Sunday night. I parked right by him as well. I didn't see what was written on the back since I parked facing him.

It would have been interesting to hear his story.

Stephens said...

Reminds me of Is. 26:3. :-)

Rachel said...