Tuesday, September 16


Today, my total sleep tally from last night nears 3 hours. My brain, at times like this, waxes philosophical, of all things. Sleep deprivation does not a sharper Jenny make.

In five years, Aaron will be seven.
In ten, he will be twelve.
In fifteen, he may be graduating from high school.

Despite my lack of sleep, I must be vigilant.

at all the
(like right after directives)
give us
parenting is such a daunting task,
full of such heavy responsibility.

Aaron got a Bible in his new two year old Sunday School class. He's been carrying it around, asking us to read it, and to sing the "Bible" song. So last night we started working on teaching him Ephesians 6:1. He would repeat the phrases and then when we were done would say, "Again?" and we'd do it again. Michael asked him to come sit on his lap so we could sing songs before bed and he said "Obey parents. Bible says."

Is he really only two?


The Barkers said...

Ha ha, cute.
I hope your sleep deprivation gets better my friend. It will!
So, will you be venturing back to work in the future? Do you see it as a possibility? I haven't talked to and wondered.
I will attempt it myself. I may take about 4 weeks off. I just pray Ivy is a great sleeper like our Jonas has been!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

We happened to be there in the hall at church when Aaron opened his sack from Sunday School and found the little box with his Bible in it--he was SO EXCITED! He clasped it to his chest with a look of rapture on his face. Oh that we still felt the wonder of holding the WORDS OF GOD that a small child does!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

For a second there I thought you had made up a Haiku to express your sleep deprived state =) I had a day of it with my darling almost 2 year old... only he's not asking "why" he just wakes up asking for a sucker and continues asking for one about 100 times a day.

Amanda said...

wwhhoaaa! COngrats on the bible genius. I am still trying to get andrew (3) to say good bye mom and not good bye poopy head! :)

Stephens said...

How sweet--the last part of your post! :-) I could just picture the whole thing. I pray the verses he's so excited about learning will be exciting for him to live out to the glory of God. Praying for you.