Thursday, September 11

the lowdown on the carrier

Well, I never would have thought that a photo of siding and my "excited" face would result in so many inquiries about the baby carrier! I got several emails and after answering uh, one...I thought I'd just tell a little bit about it here.

This is a Mei Tai style carrier, and mine has pleated straps (about 6" wide when spread out) at the top to help with better weight distribution. We got this carrier when Aaron was about 10 months old and we were on our way to Washington DC for a mini vacation. Unfortunately, it was too hot to use (98 and UP with 98 percent humidity) when trekking around the city, and we ended up stopping at the nearest Babies R Us for an umbrella stroller instead, which worked out for the best.

I was planning to make the carrier, but I ran out of time and have to admit that I was just plain lazy. So I was looking all around for something ready made that was cute and that would cost under $50. I thought that was a reasonable request but apparently it is not. So I happened upon DreamHaven Baby run by Erin in Washington. She makes carriers, and I saw that they were QUITE reasonable.

So I looked around on the site and didn't see any fabric I was in love with at the time. You know how I can be when I get something in my head. I asked Erin if I could send her fabric for a carrier, and she gave me a "labor only" quote, which was again very reasonable. I found the brown fabric in the home decor section of JoAnn's, and fell in love with the green paisley. Michael wears this carrier too - with the brown side facing out.

So. Two weeks later I had my carrier. It's very well constructed and I hope to use it for years to come! I loved using it with Aaron, who was about 18 lbs or so when it arrived. But I love it even more now. Nothing beats the value of hands-free toddler chasing. And hands free youth group attendance. Grocery store, farmer's market, post office lines, walks...I've used this pretty much any time I have to tote 2 kids by myself, and I probably will at least until we get a double stroller.

Oh, did I mention that this greatly improves my back pain as I don't have to keep my arms up in the "newborn carry" position. This is the most comfortable carrier I have ever tried.


Autum said...

My thoughts, cool she is using her Mei Tai! Believe it or not I have never used mine for newborn carries, I almost always use my sling or maybe a wrap. May have to try it out with this new little one.

TwoMuths said...

Autum, I need to try out a sling now, while Evan is tiny. I have a feeling they would be a little more convenient for quick trips and if they are just as comfy, well...

Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing more about your carrier. It looks really comfy! If I wasn't already so happy with my sling, I'd be tempted . . . :)