Friday, September 26

our boys

Evan is growing soooo quickly! Today marks the 6 week anniversary of our hilarious and wonderful garage sale that resulted in a birth. The adjustment has been interesting - a lot easier than I thought it would be, and it's getting better. Evan slept through the night last night, waking at 5ish to eat, and went back to sleep. Aaron slept until 8:30, so you can guess that everything's a whole lot easier for this mama to handle on a full night's sleep! Praise the Lord for His grace at all times, and especially for SLEEP!!!

And here's Aaron, saying "his" Bible verse.


Karen said...

Love it!
Especially, "in the Yord!"

Stephens said...

Wow-that is so cool! He is talking so clearly. Give him a big hug for me and tell him to be a doer of the Word. ;-)

Rosemary and Dale said...

It is amazing that Evan is smiling so nicely already. He must see ALOT of smiles at his house!! I love these pictures! Such a sweetie!
And your little 'in the Yord' guy!!.... I couldn't stop laughing!!
Thanks for sharing this :)
Aunt Rosemary

Rachel said...

He did a great job:). He is such a cutie pie. It's such a neat thing to hear your "babies" quoting scripture.

The other night, Michael said Eph. 6:1 but he was being a stinker at the same time. In my very tired state, I said, "But be ye hearers of the Word and not doers only..." My husband laughed and laughed at me. I knew that it sounded wrong as soon as I said it. :)