Sunday, September 7

anybody got a spare toothpick?

So these are interesting days. I am entirely too motivated by my next opportunity for bonding with my pillow. If you've never known the desperation of sleep deprivation, you are welcome to come spend the night with my children.

Last night the boys took turns waking up, Aaron winning the prize for the most times awake. What a stinker. I thought I could count on him sleeping all the way through the night, but not last night! It seemed like I would just get done feeding Evan and Aaron would be yelling. Thankfully, I have a fabulous husband who took care of Aaron in the night. Unfortunately, this means that we are now both in need of toothpicks for our eyes and in my sleep deprived state I can only find one set. And of course, this is the busiest. Sunday. ever. for us.

And I'm not sure, in my fuzzy brained state, that this passage would be in context for my particular day, but even if it's not, I know this to be true at all times: God said, "...My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness..."

At the end of the day, God is going to be glorified. May He use us - even when we need toothpicks.

Oh, and if anyone has any insight on getting the toddler to go back to sleeping through the night, I'm all ears.


Karen said...

My advice for Aaron is to cling to the assurance that his teeth WILL come in, and his pain WILL subside! Little comfort, I know, when the imbedded toothpicks are stinging afresh.

Karis said...

After several weeks of not reading blogs, I am taking time to read some's nice to have a little piece of home through these blogs. Anyway, I was so excited to hear Evan's birth story. I so remember the tiring first few weeks the second time around when like you said you can't sleep with the baby because you have a toddler. It seems like so long ago in some ways and not so long ago in other ways. Congratulations on your newest little blessing.

Rachel said...

It's funny how Michael decided to have teething issues with the last set of his molars when Marcus was 4 weeks old. I didn't put it together until I read up on it. After counting his teeth, I realized that the last 4 were coming through and giving him some grief. I will continue to pray for you and Aaron. What a great passage to claim at this very busy time in your life:). Try to get some sleep when you can!

Kelly Glupker said...

Did Aaron used to sleep thru the night? Is this a new thing because of his teeth?

Stephens said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're not getting your sleep. :-( I am praying for you and hope things are better. Praise God for His all-sufficient grace!