Monday, August 25

Works of God Monday

Today is the big day. Today I begin life caring for multiple children on my own. Today is the first day I am outnumbered.

I know that some of you are chuckling, having successfully transitioned through this phase. I know some of you are feeling empathy for me (bless you) and some of you are laughing at me flat out with your "wait 'til you have more kids than hands" thoughts and your memories of "just" two. But I hold my head high, confident of God's grace which is given in perfect measure for what we need and just ask you to pray that today and this week and the rest of my life goes smoothly...

Here is a work of God - Evan only woke up once for a feeding last night. I am so thankful for a good night's rest to begin this week of transition!! Also, I'm feeling pretty good - it took a full four months for me to feel this great after Aaron's delivery via c-section, so I'm thrilled with what a week plus a weekend has done for me. A little more of recovery to go, but God is allowing me to recover quite rapidly!!

It is YOUR turn to share! First, blog about how God has been at work in your life this past week - it can be a physical provision, a spiritual lesson learned, an opportunity to share with others, anything that was an evidence of God at work in you. Then, follow these directions:

In the Mister Linky widget below,
simply type your name in the top box, or a short description of the work that God has done, and then in the second box, paste the link from your specific "Works of God Monday" post. PLEASE make sure the link is to a specific post on your blog that is a personal testimony of how God has been at work in your life in the past week. Feel free to use the image from the top of this post if you like. Just right click the image and choose "save image as" then upload it into your post. Please contact me if you have any questions, and spread the word to your blogging friends!

If you don't have a blog, please feel free to leave your works of God testimony in the comment section!!


Stephens said...

I am praying for you today!

Tim & Richelle said...

So how did your big day go?

Katie said...

I am definitely not laughing at you and feel much sympathy! :) How did your first day go? I hope everything's going well and you're still feeling good. Don't over-do it though! :)