Saturday, August 2

It's my Birthday!

WELCOME to the party!! Sorry about the slightly lame-o cake. It's what you get when I have to make my own. I'm sure it will be delicious, though. Let's pretend it's a divine fudgey wonder with mocha ganache, so rich you can only stand to eat a tiny little sliver. That way there will be plenty to go around!

This year for my birthday I'd like to do something unique. I am asking for a "gift" from all of you - I know there are a bunch of you out there who read and do not comment. Would you indulge me on my birthday and leave a little message for me, just so I know you are reading? It's really easy - just comment as "other" or "anonymous" and be sure to include your name. It will be such fun for me! If you are a regular commenting reader, well, you are going to want to comment, too!

Because what birthday would be complete without a goody bag? I wish I had enough for all the guests, but alas, I do not. So I will hold a drawing.

In order to win this giveaway, you have to be in the U.S. or Canada (sorry, my overseas missionary friends) and you should let me know what YOUR favorite birthday treat is when you comment (you know, to let me know that you are here, and you are wishing you were eating cake and chatting in person.) If you don't have a favorite birthday treat, then tell me what your favorite birthday memory is. I will randomly select from all the qualifying comments and send the winner a happy birthday goody bag!!

Here's what the goody bag includes:

- an all-natural chapstick, made by my friend Ashley, who still doesn't sell her stuff online. (Boo hoo for all of you - this stuff is awesome!) The one I'm giving away is Orange - but it is not sweet at all, just flavored with essential oils.
- some loose leaf herbal tea. You can choose from Red Raspberry Leaf, Mint (Spearmint, Peppermint, or a blend), or Pregnancy Support Tea. I got a bunch of herbs from Frontier earlier this summer and have been dying to share!
- MY favorite birthday treat, ICE CREAM! I can't mail it to you, obviously, but I can send a $5 gift card to either Coldstone or Baskin Robbins. And if you don't have either one in your area, I will work out details with you and send a different card.
- and a SURPRISE! because I love surprises. That's all.

So, comment away! I'll draw a name next Saturday. Please be sure I know how to contact you in the event that you win.

And now, let's get this party started!!! It's time to do the LIMBO!!! Yeah, right. that would be reeeeeeallly cute at 35 and a half weeks of pregnancy, now wouldn't it. How 'bout you take a nice little sliver of cake, put your feet up, and take a great big deep breath. In honor of my birthday. Oh, and check out these "fun" photos of my childhood... these, too.


KColas said...

Many happy returns of the day from across the ocean! Love your fun BD blogging idea.


melinda said...

Happy Birthday Jenny,

My birthday was on Wednesday and I had chocolate peanut butter cake. It was great!

Miss you,
Melinda Murrell

Alicia said...

Happy birthday to you!

What a sweet, creative, and giving way to celebrate your bday! I just might have to copy this swell idea when my day rolls around.

I'm so hoping I win because I'd love to try that all natural chapstick. Sounds awesome.

My fave bday treat is a really melt-in-your-mouth steak dinner. Medium well with haystack onions, and sauteed mushrooms. And of course eaten by candlelight with my hubby. Ahhhh.

Have a marvelous day! Enjoy your last year in the 20's. :)

The Barkers said...

My best birthday was with my husband-- a day in Atlanta that ended with a romantic concert at the Fox Theatre being serenaded by Josh Groban. It was heavenly. :-) I also LOVE anything peanut butter and chocolate. There is a bakery nearby that makes a peanut butter volcano cake. Oh my! I can taste it now. Maybe I should go get a piece today in honor of you!!!! :-)
I also love sharing coffee with dear friends on birthdays. Wish we could share a cup!!

And Happy Birthday to Mr. Aaron! You are adorable!

I can't believe how much he looks like some of your baby pictures!
I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! What a great idea--I think I'll copy it, too, come October 23.

I have a different birthday treat every year, it seems. But I've got a new-ish recipe that is simply divine...
Peanut Butter Silk Cake.

Rich & nutty cake with a generous ribbon of peanut butter mousse in the middle.

My mouth is watering...

Abby Sokul Turner said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jenny!! Hope you have a wonderful day! My favorite birthday treat is to go out for seafood at the local Fish Market restaurant - fresh fish flown in daily - it's the only way to have seafood for this New England girl!!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

What would a birthday be without birthday hugs from your mom & dad -- you can collect later today :)
Remember all the sleepovers with friends? I think I liked the hayride one best! Enjoy your day! LOVE, mom & dad

Kara said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a wonderful day!
My favorite birthday treat is... whatever somebody wants to make me. I would probably choose chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but my mom has made me apple pie before, too. Mmmmm.

Amanda said...

Well I would bring willy wonka candy taffy, steet tarts, bottle caps....

Happpy happppppyyyyy birthday tooooooo YOUUuuuuuuuuu.

Rosemary and Dale said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY. What a BEAUTIFUL and COOL morning for your birthday!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing the pictures of your precious!!! (My sister Pat sure looks happy being your grandma! I hope that she gets to share your birthday today too!!)
I don't know how to pick my favorite birthday memory, there are SO many favorites, with my kids, grandkids. But I guess I would have to pick the last year that my folks were both able to get around (although Dad was in a wheelchair and walker). Neither could drive, but they wanted to get up to their cottage on Sage Lake in the worst way! My birthday fell on a Saturday that year, so I had a birthday dinner/cake after work on Friday evening with Dale and our sons, then on Saturday morning I picked up Mom and Dad and drove them up to the cottage for the weekend. The special time that I was able to spend alone with them that weekend was the BEST birthday present I ever had. Mom and I tied a quilt that I had made for my sister Kathy's son Caleb's upcoming graduation then we worked on a puzzle - my mom love that. The weather was nice, even for April, so we were able to sit on the porch overlooking the lake, have a cup of coffee and visit. You can have your birthday parties where you get balloons, cake and ice cream, gifts and all, but that birthday was the BEST THAT IT GETS! I believe that by GIVING something of yourself, you RECEIVE more that you could ever image.
"Happy Birthday, Dear Jenny, Happy Birthday To YOU" ... Oh, YUMMY CAKE, by the way!!! Love, Your Great-Aunt Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday Jenny!!! My best memory is probably this year's birthday. My 50th. We met up with David and Nicole at my nephew's house in Maryland. Matthew and Mandy got to go too. For a big surprise David flew my mom up as a surprise. You can't get a better gift than that. We went and had brick oven pizza and then we all went bowling. I bowled a 220!!!
Enjoy your special day and hope to see you soon.
Love to all Aunt Carol

Julia said...

I'm definitely wishing I could be there to share birthday cake with you. My favorite birthday treat is watermelon. Since my birthday is usually Memorial Day weekend, it's usually the first time watermelon shows up in the stores. My mom always got a huge one to inaugurate the summer season and to celebrate my special day. Now I just buy one for myself. :)

Love you, Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!
I am sure that after the many buckets of ice cream we have shared that you know my favorite treat. Ice cream is the best! Your cake is to die for, so it probably takes a close second. :)

Hope you and Aaron enjoy your Birthday weekend! Eden sends her birthday love to Aaron. She has loved her first week as a two year old!

Lots of Love,

Curt and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! (And, Aaron, too!)

One of my favorite desserts (and, so, the one I make for birthdays in our family now that I get to pick) is a heart-shaped, home-made fudge-y brownie paired with Breyers' ice cream (any flavor). Good stuff, right there.

My birthday falls on July 5, so I pretend the fireworks the night before are really just everyone celebrating early with me. :) I love watching fireworks!

I won the last drawing, so I don't expect a repeat, but thanks, again, for hosting such fun giveaways. That chapstick is especially good! (My compliments to your talented and entrepreneurial friend.)

And, just because it's fun to hear more than once per person, "Have a Happy Birthday!"

Tricia said...

Have a wonderful birthday Jenny! Thanks for allowing us all to celebrate with you. I don't really have a favorite birthday treat - I just enjoy the anticipation of something special going on, whether we go out to dinner, have a little pie, or a special package waiting for me. Can you tell I love surprises?

Shyla said...

i am afraid that this is such a great idea that i am going to have to copy it come Nov. 24th (save the date! :)

Hope that you are having a great birthday! I am turning 29 this year as well - but alas alack - i thought i was turning 28! LOL

My favorite treat for my birthday is ANYTHING!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday! my mom always made them special for us. So any kind of card, special something or other or dinner out is WONDERFUL!!

OOO!! Send the goody bag to meee!! :) hope you're enjoying your last few weeks as "3" - 4 is more fun!!

Thanks for the cake! I LOVE Chocolate!


(oh, and i am sending you an imaginary yo yo ma cd in the mail!)

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! I'm a friend of Kara's, Amanda, and Kelly Glupker. I think I've commented on a few things on your blog.
I love the name Evan by the way....I have an Evan Philip of my own. 4 months old :)
My favorite birthday cake has been and always will be Red Velvet with butter cream frosting. It really only tastes wonderful when my mom makes it....mmmm
Anyway, Happy birthday!!!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!! And a belated happy birthday to Aaron, also!

One of my favorite birthday memories is of Jim surprising me by making me a cake, about 3 or 4 years ago. Chocolate . . . my favorite, and inside there was another surprise--Reese's peanut butter eggs, which are also my favorite!! It was soooo rich and yummy. And he came up with the idea all on his own. He's so sweet. :)

What a fun giveaway!! Your friend's homemade chapstick sounds amazing. I hope she will start selling online soon! Maybe an Etsy shop? The whole goody bag sounds like so much fun--thanks for doing this!

Kris Stephens said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! You know the only reason I'm doing this is so that I'll have a shot at that "goodie bag"!

So, anyway, my favorite birthday food would have to be a rich peanut butter pie.

BTW, I love limbo! Limbo lower now! How low can you go?!

suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing birthday.

My favorite birthday 'treat' is getting to sleep in. It's all I ever want for my birthday!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Jenny (and Aaron too). I hope you have a terrific Saturday birthday. My husband made me a shoo-fly pie this year for my was very special. I also love chocolate cake. My mom always made me Strawberry shortcake growing up..not my favorite but strawberries were in season. Now I do like it a lot more. You are in my google reader so I always check out your page and love that you always share other blogger deals.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

I'm such a lurker on your blog. Love it!! I hope your day is amazing and lovely and filled with blessings and smiles.

My favorite birthday had to be my Golden Birthday almost 2 years ago. Yep, that was the day Cory and I got married!! I don't know what we were thinking getting married on my birthday... but it was definitely the most special way to spend my 25th birthday.

Tim & Richelle said...

Hope you are having a better than great day! Happy Birthday!

Mama Mia said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! I hope your all day party is great!

I would have to say my best birthday memory was in 2005 when my last child, Grayson, was born the day before my birthday. It was so great to have a newborn babe in my arms on my birthday, but not very fun to have hospital food!

And I think the best birthday treat would be a love-it size Coldstone's Coffee Lovers Only! Mmm-mmm yum!

Autum said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny!!

My favorite cake is marble, though for William's birthday I asked for my mom's citrus cake, yum!! My didn't think it was right for a 2 year olds birthday, but I wanted it and he wouldn't remember anyway.

Autum Smith

Kris Stephens said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephens said...

Wow--it's only just after 12 noon here, and I am guess I'm pretty late getting my comment on your blog--# 26!!! :-) I pray your birthday is filled with love and happy memories--remembered and being made. May God bless you with another year of excitement, fun, and growing in Him as you have a new baby, continue working on the house, etc. I wish I were right there with you through it all, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere that God wouldn't have me. :-) Just know that I AM here and look forward to sharing life with you in new ways. Happy Birthday, Jenny--Love you, friend!

BTW--the above "deleted comment" is from me. I posted and realized I did so under Kris's name. Hee hee

Rachel said...

Happy 29th birthday:). I'll have a cupcake in your honor, tonight after supper. What a clever idea!

ruth said...

Ooh ooh! Pick me!

Does my favorite birthday treat have to be edible? If not, my favorite treat is a bit of pampering in the form of a haircut and style (sometimes hi-lights too) My favorite edible birthday treat is warm chocolate cake with vanila bean ice cream.

My favorite birthday memory is last year when John surprised me on my birthday with tickets to see Wicked at the Academy of Arts in downtown Philly. We had a tour of the Kimmell Center theatres, a fun-filled show, and an afternoon strolling around in Philadelphia's Love Park.

Happy Birthday Jenny! I love you tons!

nate, christina, and connor said...

look at all your fun bday wishes!! happy birthday to you! i too love the odd year birthdays. they just make more sense to me. odd numbers feel slim to me for some reason. :) haha! what a weird thought, eh?

summer birthdays are the best. hope you have a great and relaxing day.

Michael & Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to You!

My favorite birthday memory was when I went to a birthday party and the cool birthday girl had a really cool barbie cake and we celebrated. In fact, I'm going to see if I can find that picture and post it. :)

Anyway, happy birthday. Hope you party like a maniac.

Sandra Staples Herriage

Rachel said...

woooo you got a lot of messages!! happy birthday to you.....
i think that cream puffs or cannollis make an awesome birthday treat!!!!

Serge (Rich Poupard) said...

Hi Jenny,
Happy Birthday to a really neat girl. It is late and I should be in bed says my husband. I have enjoyed your fun blog. Again, hope your day was full of blessings and grace. Favorite dessert: anything chocolate!!

Jen said...

Happy birthday! 33 comments has to got to be a record! I love this chocolate satin mint cake for my birthday that no one but Trinity can seem to make right without it being destroyed :) Steve tried 3x one year and then gave up!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! Hope you had a fun, wonderful day. I just had an "even" bday on Tuesday. :) I always LOVED cake and ice cream and having my mom make me a special dinner on my bdays. This year Joel made me breakfast - what a sweetie. :) And I love surprises too.....

Ashley Maart

LMLogan said...


my favorite thing about my birthday was that it is right around christmas but my parents made it special every year...keeping it very separate from christmas stuff!

hope you're feeling great and loving life!! :)

Shannon Smith said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

My favorite Birthday treat is Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen!!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to you! This is Michael's cousin (his favorite one of course:) I enjoy and read your blog site often, but I don't leave comments much. I do appreciate you and your thoughts. It's like getting the mail with no bills :)
My favorite b-day memory is the time I had a surprise slumber party for all my friends. My mom and I informed their parents in advance, and drove around early in the a.m. and picked them all up. A fun time for all!! I hope I win the goody bag :) happy B-day again,

Katie said...

I hope you had a fun birthday and enjoyed your fav birthday treat! I don't know if I have an all-time favorite - sometimes I'm in the mood for different things. Sometimes choc cake with choc frosting makes my day. Or lemon bars. Ooh. I should make those soon! I love getting to have a date with Chris (maybe even at a hotel!) or just relax and take a nap. I'm big on naps these days, since I never get them. :) My birthday's in the dead of winter (groundhog day), so maybe some day I can go somewhere warm! :)

jeileenbaylor said...

Happy Birthday jenny!

My favorite part of my birthday is presents - i'll admit it - I love gifts :) hee hee - oh and going Out to dinner (not having to cook!)

julie baylor

Julie said...

Hi there! My name is Julie and I am fairly new to blogspot. My mom told me I might enjoy your blog, so I decided to hop on over! Happy birthday! My birthday is on the 15th - it's always fun to have a special day! I hope you were able to do lots of fun things today!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! I hope you had a great and blessed birthday!
-eric (wentz)

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! My birthday was yesterday (the 3rd) & my favorite birthday treat is just to relax with my family & friends. Didn't happen so much that way this year b/c my parents are on vacation, but I had a nice time with my sister's family & my boyfriend (as well as a couple of wonderful church services). I hope you had a great day & thanks for throwing such a great party with great cake ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!! I love any type of chocolate ice cream cake. Yum Yum! My favorite birthday memory has brought tears to many eyes. I think I must like sad stories. Coming from a big family with 10 children I never had a birthday cake professionally made or frosted up into anything special. But the year I was about 5 or 6 a friend of my moms made a raggedy ann doll bithday cake for me. Our family was singing at a church that Sunday and they put the cake in the back of the car while I caught a ride to church with my grandparents. On the way to church my parents and my siblings had a car accident. Thankfully no one was badly injured but after church they took me out to show me what was in the trunk, my fancy birthday cake! I wanted to swipe a little taste but couldn't becasue of the glass from the car. I didn't have a birthday cake that year. Isn't that sad! Anyway its my favorite B-D memory because everyone felt so sorry for me they paid alot of attention to me and I felt so special!

Busch family said...

Hi Jenny,
Happy Birthday to you! I'll do the limbo with you so that at least there are 2 very pregnant bellies involved! :) Actually, I think I would end up falling down unless the rope was above my head! :)

One of my favorite birthday treats came last year. Kevin got me a delicious peanut butter and chocolate ice cream cake from Coldstone. It was hard to not eat it all by myself at one sitting! He also had some very sweet birthday surprises up his sleeve. My bday falls close to Mother's day, so it makes for a very nice time of year. :) Praise the Lord for such sweet husbands!

I hope that you're feeling well and enjoying these last few weeks before your sweet little one arrives. Please wish Aaron a Happy Birthday from us! Yay for the terrific twos! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!
I found your blog through my sister Carrie Bennett and usually check it about once every other week to see what you've posted. Thanks for the chance to win your great goody bag!

Kristi Brodwater Henson

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny!
Happy Birthday to you! Iknow I'm a little late but it's been one of those weeks ... ok months. Yes I'm one of those people that rarely posts a comment but I do read often.
My favorite bday treat is gooey butter cake (Paula Dean) any of it's variations is to die for!! I guess my favorite bday would be my 26th birthday. My mom and I pulled a prank on the rest of my family. It turned out so good that it will live forever in the history of the Langve family as the best joke ever! :)
Hope you and Aaron had a great birhtday!
Sara Rivera

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jenny! A very belated wish, but, hey, I'm in the middle of moving... :-)
I love love love anything chocolate, but my favorite birthday cake was last years. My 4 y.o. daugher asked me what kind of cake I was going to have and I told her that no way was I going to spend the time and effort to make myself a cake. This bothered her so much that when my mom got to my house the night before, she asked grandma to make me a cake because "mommy HAS to have a cake on her birthday." So they secretly went out and bought me a cake from Wal-Mart. Such a sweetie. I never had "better" cake. :-) Oh, and my hubbie surprised me by taking me away for the weekend while my mom was there taking care of the kids. Great birthday.

Glad you had a marvelous time for your special day. Enjoy 29. I'll let you know how 30 feels. I have the big one in 2 months.... :-)
Abby Hyink

Mary Pope said...

Happy Birthday (again)! Jenny, I'm so lucky to have you as a sister-in-law and am so glad you love to blog!! I love it when mom keeps me up tp date...and when the computer is available I usually, at least, check my e-mail and your blog.

Let's see, my favorite birthday memory... Well, on my 16th b-day my parents let me invite a BIG group of kids over from church and school and we played games like Upset the Fruit Basket (I think) and watched the latest new released Disney anamation...was it Beauty and the Beast? Anyway, since that's the one I remember the most I guess it is a favorite.

I think what I would like the most now is (like what my mom would say to me when I was little) just for everyone to be good, get along, and not fight. I tell that to my boys!!!

I do enjoy feeling loved whether it's presents or cake or a special meal or going somewhere special with family and/or friends.

Oh, that reminds me, on my 29th b-day Zeph, my oldest son, actually got me a gift (a ring) on his own and he gave it with such love! That was special!

Sorry I don't ever comment on your blogs, but thank you so much for all your thoughts. I love reading them (so does mommy!).

Love you!
your sis-in-law,
Mary (Muth) Pope

Mom & Dad Muth said...

Hi Jenny,
I hope your birthday was a wonderful day. Of course, it had to be since we called and sang "Happy Birthday" to you.

Love you,

Mom Muth

The Gang's All Here! said...

Nice to "meet you" too! Thanks for coming by my blog earlier this week!

I'd love to win a goodie bag - my b'day was the 31st!

My favorite b'day treat is that my mom always tries to make my fave dinner. Ready for the menu? Steak on the grill, salt potatoes or baby reds, corn on the cob, salad and home-made chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. NOT the healthiest, but you did say "treat!" Mmmmmmm!

Come by the blog more often - the journey is only going to get more exciting from here. We're praying for our Travel Approval and for an available Consulate Appointment FOR SEPTEMBER!! Please pray with us.

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! I'm a stalker, but then again, I've come out in the open about this one already! =)

My favorite memory was one that my mom describes well. It was my forth or fifth birthday and I just discovered that I had gotten a miniture dining room table and chairs to play house with. My mom said I wondered around and around and looked sick. She said I came up to her and said "Mommy, I need medicine" because I was so excited I didn't know what else to do or how else to describe this feeling! So, now whenever I get really excited, I think of that time and laugh thinking that was so cute.

Hope you had a great birthday!