Tuesday, August 5

I won!

I had some great news over the weekend - I won a couple of the Bloggy Carnival giveaways! This one (wowsa!) and this one (package #1). How fun. And funny. I think I'll wait to try out one particular item until a little later on...pretty sure they don't make these for pregnant ladies. HA! It's always fun to win...

Which reminds me - have you commented yet for a chance to win a fun goody bag in honor of my birthday? Especially those of you who are lurking in the shadows. Come out and let me know you're reading (even if you DON'T want to win the goody bag!) It's fun, and the bloggy water is fine!


Alicia said...

Wow, girl! COngrats! You won quite a lot. Now I'm wishing I would have invested the time in entering all those giveaways. Have to commit to it october.

TwoMuths said...

yeah, I am really excited! I decided to limit myself this time around - I maybe entered 30 giveaways, which means I got incredibly blessed. Not very good odds. Are you not dying of laughter at the "Skineez" prize?

Hey, how did all that loot you won around Christmas turn out? Did you have a blast?