Friday, August 8

And I'm not going to say it again.

If you would like to win my birthday goody bag, or just be really nice and let me know you're reading, don't forget to leave a comment here! Tomorrow morning, I'm posting the winner!!

Also, funny story for your Friday:

Michael & I recently dropped off a prescription to be filled and wanted to check to make sure our insurance copay would not be through the roof BEFORE we filled it. The girl said, "Hang on let me check with the supervisor" and came back about 2 seconds later and said, "It will be at least 33 dollars, but we won't know the total until we compound it." I said, "Um, could you give me a rough estimate of the top amount it could be?" So she went back to check, and when she returned said, "well, without insurance, the amount would be 34 dollars, so..."

We could not stop laughing. (boy are we glad we have insurance so we could save that extra dollar! Ha ha ha)

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