Saturday, August 30

sighs of relief

Michael & Dad are working on the last steps necessary before our siding project "officially" starts. This means a lot of things - more shelving in the garage means more boxes out of the house and Evan's room can finally begin to come together. (He wasn't due until Monday, remember...NOT that I am complaining AT ALL!!) I'm so thankful for God's provision that will allow us to get our siding on our house. I'm also very excited to see the finished product.

And the neighbors rejoice greatly.

We've been "that house" for about two years now, so it will be almost as exciting for them as it is for us to see the siding go up on the house. After siding comes the interior trim and then begins the process of refinancing our former hunk of junk. This process is far from being over, but we can see the other end of the tunnel. And the view is great from there. We are so thankful God has allowed us to make baby steps to build equity and be responsible with what He has given us stewardship of. We are a little bit ahead of our five year plan, so this is pretty exciting to us!!

God also saw fit to have our neighbor donate some shasta daisies that he was digging out of his yard, so come next summer we'll have a pretty house with pretty flowers growing in front. It seems like a little thing, but these are the little things that make me smile.

Oh, yeah. And Evan slept 6 hours straight on Thursday night. But not last night. Ah, well. I enjoyed those six hours, for sure.


Alicia said...

YAY for siding and new flowers! I wish you lived in OH - I have a master gardener friend who is constantly giving me perennials. I'd share the wealth with you if I could! Think bulbs send well? :) Hang in there and get what naps you can this holiday weekend.

Kara said...

I love free flowers! And I love sleeping! Yeah, Anna didn't sleep 6 hours that next night either. :(