Monday, August 4

Great Fun

We had a really wonderful weekend, made better of course by all of you and your sweet birthday wishes and memories. Don't forget, you can comment on my birthday post all through this week for a chance to win some goodies! And grab some cake, please. There's still a lot left over.

Friday afternoon, we got together with a few family members for cake & ice cream and a rousing impromptu game of "hit the balloons" for Aaron's 2nd birthday. Photos are here, but you'll have to look around for them a little. When we showed Aaron his cake, he said "FORK!" not exactly what we thought he would say, but hilarious, nonetheless.

Saturday morning, our little family went out to breakfast which is always nice, and Aaron was thrilled. He got to eat pancakes. He could barely contain his excitement as we prayed. Then we drove around in search of some garage sales, and found a couple with some minor good deals. I was pretty excited to find a 2 cup Pampered Chef measuring cup.

Michael got me a Michael Buble CD (we can talk about this later, but he's one of my favorites for "fun" music) and Michael (mine) told me he'd picked that particular CD because it had a song that reminds him of me. He's so sweet. I'm like totally, madly in love with my husband.

Around noon my parents picked us up and we went to Mio (about 1 1/2 hours away) for a wedding. It was beautiful and God honoring and we are thrilled for our friends. Aaron was a happy little trooper despite no nap! Yay!! (Oh, and you'll never guess, but they made this gigantic coconut cake just for me. OK, I pretended. But the wedding cake was coconut, and it was to DIE for! YUM!)

My birthday also happens to be the anniversary of our engagement, which is a pretty great story that I'll have to tell sometime. On our way back from the wedding, Mom & Dad took us to the restaurant we'd eaten at 5 years ago on the night we were engaged. Yummy Chinese food!!

We ended the day at home, relaxing and watching a little TV. I also got to visit my favorite local ice cream shop (which is entirely too close to our house!!) There's nothing like ending the day with some delicious ice cream!!!

Thanks, again, everyone, for helping to make my 29th birthday one to remember!


Kara said...

What a wonderful weekend!
A coconut wedding cake, that sounds truly marvelous.

ruth said...

Jenny, that song is so adorable! What a sweet sentiment from your hubby. I'm not familiar with Michael Buble, but my interested is definitely piqued.

I also very much wish I could have joined you for that ice cream. Cold Stone has nothing on Great Lakes!

TwoMuths said...

Kara, it was! I wish I'd thought of it, actually...

Ruth, MB is greatly influenced by the crooners and the big band sound. It's delightful. You will like him, I think. And anytime you want to come visit again, we can visit that ice cream shop.

Rosemary and Dale said...

Thanks for the birthday update. It sounds like you have a wonderful birthday. I love that song. VERY SWEET! I also did not know about this singer, so I was happy for the introduction.

Katie said...

I love Michael Buble too! and have a few CDs. My fav song is Home.

Your bday sounded so fun!

Amanda said...

I might have knocked down a pregnant lady for a pamp chef cup. :)

TwoMuths said...

WHAT?! Amanda, remind me to stick to Midland garage sales! LOL!!