Saturday, August 9

and the winner is....

SHANNON SMITH! Congratulations, you have won the Birthday Celebration Goody Bag! (I've sent her an email to let her know the happy news.)

Thank you all so much for leaving your comments and for helping to make my birthday very, very happy. I am so blessed.

I hope all of you have an enjoyable weekend - "we" are going to be doing further work on our siding and garage storage project. What this really means is that dad & Michael will be doing some more work on the project and I'm going to be rooting for them from the sidelines. I'm so excited.

I do have to say, I find it "interesting" that God has worked it out for me to be pregnant and big or recovering from something major every time we have a big house project. Hmmm...


Rosemary and Dale said... sure is a nice cool day for your guys to work outside on your siding... and for your comfort :)
Yeah, Congratulations to the winner! Jenny, thanks for letting us share in your birthday fun :)

Rachel said...

Maybe, you're not the handy type - hee, hee. I know that I'm not! I definitely take the role of "go-for" when we are in the process of renovating:).

Still praying for you:).

Amanda said...