Thursday, August 14

read this.

Lately I've been enjoying the hilarious and insightful words of Jenni, mom of 12, over at One Thing. Today, she posted this letter, written by her eldest daughter to the first grandbaby, yet to be born. It made me cry. And maybe just because I am pregnant, but still.

I'm having a garage sale, starting tomorrow. I guess my emotions aren't the only thing that went haywire due to pregnancy. My good judgment apparently went out the window too. I'm glad I will have mom & dad's help, but there is still lots to do to get ready. Maybe this is part of nesting? *hopeful upward voice inflection* A much needed teeth-cleaning is also on the docket for today. I won't say how long it's been...I know Kara is reading.

A happy Thursday to you!


Kara said...

I stopped into the dentist office today to show off Anna, it was so much fun!
I'll pray that you are cavity-free and have no signs of pregnancy gingivitis.

TwoMuths said...

What is pregnancy gingivitis? I don't have any cavities! And I think I need a new dentist. The hygienist was ROUGH and it was not fun. Does your dentist take Aetna?

Kara said...

Pregnancy gingivitis is quite common, it's just gingivitis caused by all the raging hormones in a pregnant woman's body. You would notice bleeding during brushing or flossing, but I'm sure you're home care is immaculate, no worries!

I'm not sure about Aetna... I'll check into that.