Sunday, January 31

la la la la diaper deal!!!


Thanks to some generous contributors of coupons,

I just submitted my rebate information to Rite Aid

and got

5 huge boxes of Pampers (my favorites)


8.39 each.

And it could have been less, but I couldn't quite work it out with my printer to cooperate.

(It would have been 5.99 each, but I'm grateful anyway!)

Folks, that is around 8 cents per diaper

Hopefully I will not have to buy diapers for a very, very long time.

(I already had 2 huge boxes stocked up from the last time they went on sale)

PRAISE THE LORD with me! He provides even the non-necessities* for us!

*I call diapers non necessities since I have plenty I could wash and use, but at this price per diaper, my time is more valuable, after you figure in laundry soap, water, and electricity.

Interested in the details of this deal? Find out how here - it's more money than I usually do spend out of pocket, but the rebate is in Visa Gift card rather than Rite Aid gift card, so I made an exception. I used the Rite Aid pdf $5/$25 coupon (that expires today) instead of the Video Values coupon, so my transactions looked a little different.

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the j. crew said...

that is a great deal! i seriously need to get into couponing.