Thursday, January 14


This is an old favorite.

I'm not sure who came up with this slogan,
but it caused many a laugh over the years.

Michael made a series of video sketches
while he was at Northland - demonstrating
ways that attending was not the "easy path"

The college is in Northeastern Wisconsin, but we did actually have it pretty easy.

And these two mugs are also quite special. As you can see.

We sent them to some friends, for Christmas.

They are still our friends.

(we think)


Shelley said...

Those faces on the mugs would make anyone laugh.

I have a rock on my front step that say's "there is no traffic on the second mile."

The Two of Us said...

I love the mug idea. That is hilarious!

Rachel said...

What a wake up for morning coffee! You two are a hoot.

Stephens said...

Of course we are still your friends!!!! :-) I love having coffee with you in the morning. hee hee I really do wish it could be in person. . .