Sunday, January 24

Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans

My kids looooooove rice and beans. I'm so happy. Cheap, healthy, delicious. And here's how we had it last night. A new favorite, for sure.

2 cups cooked brown rice (I used a quick steam pouch)
1 pt (mine are home canned, you could use one can) black beans, drained if desired
1 can petite diced tomatoes, drained. (I used a regular can, drained of liquid and squooshed a bit)
1 T taco seasonings (I never use taco packets but had a pack lying around from one of those taco dinner kits I bought for the shells - you could spice it up with seasoned salt and cilantro if you prefer)
Sour Cream & Cheese, if desired

Mix all, heat, serve. Top with sour cream and cheese if desired. Eat with tortillas and lettuce as burritos or tortilla chips as a nutrition-packed dip. For the record, I liked it best with the sour cream & cheese stirred right in. Aaron preferred his sour cream on top where he could see it (the kid would eat a whole tub of the stuff if we'd let him) and Evan liked it plain just fine. Michael liked it both ways - with and without sour cream.


Alicia said...

Sounds delish! I bet some corn mixed in would be good too.

Shyla said...

sounds like our house! i personally would eat it everyday! easy, cheap, yummy! SOLD!

Shelley said...

Sounds great my favorite food is beans and rice.
I grew up on the stuff and was content.

Karen said...

But then again, I'd eat a shoe if it were wrapped up in a tortilla!

laura.railing said...

that sounds good!! That'd be good with pico de gallo in it.