Wednesday, January 13

lyrics from the past...

Michael and I had a discussion the other night while we were on our date. Actually, he printed out some "speed dating" questions that he had found via search engine, but that is another story - hilarious, but another story.

So because of the questions, we got on a discussion about music, and what kind was my favorite. I said classical, because it is - but Michael looked puzzled and asked why I never listen to it. Well, I do - but not often enough to let anyone know that it is my favorite. It comes down to the fact that I'd rather fully experience it - whether live or by listening to a really good recording - it needs my full, undivided attention. I need to savor it, like a delicious dessert or a particularly lovely cup of coffee. I don't have much time for that anymore, but when I do, it's glorious. Just me & my Yo Yo Ma cd's. Ahhhh, bliss. Someday, I'll go to a concert.

One of my favorite music-memories is of a Pavarotti concert with a friend. I knew then that it was a once-in-a-lifetime, and it was phenomenal. I could have listened much longer than the concert lasted. It was magic.

And there is music meant for worship, which is a totally different kind, a type which "picky" doesn't even begin to describe my tastes, and is a discussion for a different day.

But I do listen to some totally mindless music. We have a station here in our town that plays "unforgettable favorites" and it's my go-to when I'm on the road, especially when NPR is playing a talk show I don't care for. I can sing along, be-bop and what not and it's fun. I've definitely got old fashioned (read: old person) tastes. There's cheesy, but this is cheesy like Velveeta. Love it.

And the lyrics are definitely atypical from today's tunes.

Monday night I was listening on my way home from Meijer to "Hey hey Paula" which has a sickeningly simple tune to go with bubblegum vocal styles and these lyrics - True love means planning a life for two / Being together the whole day through / True love means waiting and hoping that soon / Wishes we've made will come true / My love, my love. They also talk about waiting for school to be through - ahh, yes, recordings from the era of marriage right out of high school.

But a couple weeks ago, I was really struck with this from the Carpenters - "For All We Know" - a really different perspective on love - pretty much an endorsement for arranged marriage if you read the lyrics. Or commitment. Either way, different from the new stuff. Most of the new stuff.

Part of my lifelong fascination with the Carpenters I am SURE has to do with the number of albums at my parents' house - packed away on a long-forgotten shelf, listened to by me, often, in my growing up years. But you didn't hear that here. And, for the record, I'm certain that those albums stay on the shelf at this point in time. My parents are not sitting around jamming to the Carpenters.

Love, look at the two of us
Strangers in many ways
We've got a lifetime to share
So much to say and as we go on from day to day
I'll feel you close to me
But time alone will tell
Let's take a lifetime to say
I knew you well
For only time will tell us so
And love may grow for all we know

What is your favorite drivin' around town music? Anyone else want to admit to listening to Velveeta music?


Rosemary said...

I don't listen to music or the radio when driving around town... or talk on my cell phone. It is hard enough for me to just pay attention to the crazy drivers and road hazards.
However, I do keep an Elvis cd in my van. If my grandkids start acting up when I am driving them somewhere, I pull over into a parking lot and turn on Elvis full blast 'till they say "TURN IT OFF GRANDMA!! WE'LL BE GOOD!" :D

TwoMuths said...

Oh, Aunt Rosemary. I'm laughing so hard my sides are aching. That is too good.

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

umm. i like soundtracks.. like from the movie Cars!! LOL hehee. i also listen to the local CHristian and Catholic stations.....

ruth said...

Country is my default "mindless listening" station. I know. Don't judge me. :) Actually, if I recall correctly, this information won't surprise you.

Alicia said...

We have a super radio station out here that plays classics -- even older than the carpenters. It's mostly old musical numbers, old-time jazz and ballads from the 40s and 50s. I LOVE IT! It's like the station was made for me. I'm with you in having old people tastes. :)

laura.railing said...

I LOVE love love the Carpenters! ( I like their song "We've only just begun" more I think!)Also Josh Groban, Britt Nicole's new CD, and our Christian radio stations for the most part. I could list more but that's usually what I listen to while driving.

Mary Ann said...

I an old soul, too! I love Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole - even some Manilow & Mathis :-) But I'll listen to all kinds of things from classical to sacred to some country. I'm a big stickler for lyrics, though. I can't like the song if I don't like what it says; this particular trait drives my husband nuts :-)

Tim and Richelle said...

i think i may have the similar mindless music tastes as you...

my kids thought i'd gone nuts last summer when i started teaching them the carpenters' songs i'd grown up listening to... donny and marie osmond, anne murray, OLD neil sedaka, captain and teneille (sp?)... and old musical soundtracks.

then again, there's the old silly song "beans in my ears..."

Tim and Richelle said...

jenny's aunt rosemary... i'm laughing, too! =D