Wednesday, January 20


My little brother is one of the coolest people alive. Aside from the fact that as my only sibling, he took every single available athletic gene available to our family, I have nothing against him. *grin* Neveryoumind that I'm the oldest.

He's owned a VW bus (that burned to the ground on a road trip - everyone made it out fine, and our family are AAA fans to the end because of it), done a random internet search with a buddy to find a "camp out west" to work at for a summer (which changed his life and through a series of events introduced him to his awesome wife, Lissa), and globe trotted with YWAM to Hawaii and Japan. His horizons are considerably more broad than mine.

Also, he is a dedicated believer, a deep thinker, creative, hilarious, etc, etc. I really love him, despite the fact that we only chat once in awhile and that his Christmas box is sitting on my dining room table, waiting to be sent.

So when Nate sent an email last week about some friends of his, who he met through YWAM, who started an orphanage in Haiti (Hands and Feet Project) and have been able to help with some of the relief effort, I definitely did a little reading up on them. What a great ministry!! You will be encouraged to read, too. Please check it out and pray for Aegis & Mark Stuart. Their ministry is the primary source of aid for their entire city of 50,000. Pray about whether or not you would be able to support them financially, but most of all pray for God to turn the hearts of Haitians toward HIM.

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This is great Jenny.