Monday, February 1

Works of God Monday

I am praising the Lord this morning for showing His love to me in a tangible way through my parents this weekend. They kept the little boys all day Friday (on their DAY OFF school) so that I could go up for the day and hang out with the youth group at Snow Camp. It was a good time up at CoBeAc - there were 4 churches represented by around 250 kids. In case you were wondering, yes, that is a lot of 7-12 graders in one place. It was great. Ben Farrell spoke and although I only heard one message, I know God used him to speak to the teens and staff alike.

And then, my fantastic parents let the boys and me crash on Friday night at their house, and even came over for the majority of the day on Saturday to keep me company and help get some major tedious stuff done - dad filled nail holes in our trim, removed the yucky caulk from our tub, and played with the boys. Mom and I folded laundry and went on a mini shopping excursion. They are so good to me, spending time with me and the kids. I praise God that we, at least for this time in our lives, are close to family. I'm definitely enjoying it! (I am sure mom & dad are exhausted, though!!)

Oh, also this week - God also saw fit to provide plane tickets for us this week - to go see our good friends out in California this April. The whole family gets to fly out for what could easily be spent on 1 ticket. I am so SO excited and grateful to GOD for making sure the price held firm while we tried to work out the details. And of course I can't wait until April. *grin*

God continues to provide just what we need, and way WAY beyond. He continues to answer prayers, hold us up, heal, protect, comfort, work out details that blow our minds and accomplish His will!! Praise Him with me this week!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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Shelley said...

Fun times.
Eric and I worked with the youth for 10 years. Then our girls were in youth and Carmen didn't want her parents being her leaders.
So we went back to teaching Sunday School.
I remember the snow trips.
The last time was going on a tractor inter tube with 3 high school girls and I we went flying down the mountain and hit a rut in the snow. We all went flying up in the air and the girls all landed on top of me.
That was the last time I did that.
What a blessing to see your friends in CA.
We are just above CA.

Stephens said...

Hooray! Hooray! We can hardly wait until you are hear. :-)