Thursday, February 18

only a little bit OCD

Arranging shoes (and other things), just so, is Aaron's idea of a good time. And yes, we have dolls at our house. We are equal opportunity toy providers. Plus, we have friend-girls who come and play.

And little friend-girls need dolls.

By the way, yes, I am totally in a shoe rut. This is almost my entire shoe wardrobe - the 3 pairs in the middle there. I have incredibly wide feet, so while I can appreciate cute shoes on other people's feet, I only can wear what works. And I do enjoy saving money, and being practical. The black pair does need to go - I have had those for at least 5 years. Just waiting for the perfect replacements!

And I also need to mop my mudroom floor. I am so thankful for this mudroom, which really helps cut down on the dirt that is tracked through the house. And it makes a great place for kids to play - especially when the floor is mopped.

In the meantime, ducky doll will just have to enjoy her shoe boat alone.

I was having a discussion with some friends awhile back - we have a mudroom, but no basement. If you had to choose one or the other, what would you pick? Geographical considerations are not relevant for this question - just your own preference.


Shelley said...

mud room, we like a one level home.
I would love to make our entry hall larger, but we would have to get rid of a bedroom to do that.
So we just make do.
If our shoes are really muddy we keep them by the front or back door. I like you wear 3 pair of shoes, black work shoes, brown or black dress shoes.
It's easy and works well.

MaryAnn said...

We LOVE our basement. Maybe that's b/c we have a one bedroom home that is only about 900 square feet? Anyway, our basement is a wonderful workshop spot for my husband & we have so many things stored down there. We would really love to have a garage someday but that's a whole other topic :-)
But yes, a mudroom would be nice, too. We have all hard wood floors so you can imagine how gritty they get. Thank God for swiffers!
I wish I was as shoe simple as you. Even though I have kinda big feet I still have lots of shoes (including some deep red heels - how impractical is that!).

Sara Rivera said...

Mudroom. Although I do like my basement I really wish the entrance to my house was bigger so I could have a bench and storage area. We have just enough room to open the door (split-entry house) and 2 pairs of shoes. This is fine for just me and Sean but when my family comes over it's like playing that game when I was in youth group and all the shoes are mixed together and the first team to find all their shoes wins. :)
So the next house we buy I'm really hoping for a mudroom.

Anonymous said...
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Kara said...

We love our basement, but I am DYING for a mudroom!!! I would love a wall with a cubby built for everyone to put their backpack and stuff when they get home.