Tuesday, November 24

What was I saying about extras? (and a giveaway!)

Last night after Michael came home and the kiddos were in bed, I took a trip to Rite Aid and Meijer. I got a fabulous deal on these diapers and the laundry soap, and I also picked up a few freebie items. Let me here say that it was a good idea to go it alone - I had to run each bottle of detergent through as a separate transaction and my coupon scanner was having issues, so...it took me 20 minutes to buy 9 items. What? Good thing there was no one behind me in the self-check lane.

There are 6 bottles of detergent here, the Clorox Greenworks brand, 30 load size, normally 9.99 (which I would never pay!) and 2 boxes of size 3 Pampers, 100 count. (ok, one is 96 count) I am so thankful to God for providing this spectacular deal on diapers. Cheaper than washing my cloth ones, and plenty to give away, since I already have 2 identical boxes in Evan's closet waiting to be used. Hurray!

Makes me laugh: the detergent bottles. "95% Natural" uh, okay, why advertise? I've been using Seventh Generation Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender detergent, which I love, LOVE and buy through a co-op for a better price, but there is no WAY I could pass up this deal. Praise God for His provisions!

Now, may the guessing begin! The person to guess the closest to the correct total spent on 6 bottles of detergent and 2 boxes of diapers, including tax, will get a prize in the mail that will include a coupon for a free box of organic fruitabu stretch island smooshed fruit product (like fruit leather) and some surprises, custom-chosen depending on the winner. Guessing ends at midnight tonight (EST).

Totally off-topic, I am having a Black Friday Pampered Chef sale this year. If you have not been receiving my sorta-monthly "Pampered Chef News" emails and would LIKE to be on my email list, send me an email with your email address and watch your email for the details of this sale. Hint: it will NOT get better than this, ever.


Mary Ann said...

Never bought diapers in my life & I have never used this type of detergent...let's just say my guess will not be a very informed one!
so, for the total spent I'm guessing $11.37

I changed my mind three times while I was typing that in!

thanks for the fun guessing challenge!

Karen said...


Busch family said...


Shelley said...

$19.99 I feel like we are playing the price is right.

Alicia said...

I'm sure I'll be way off but here goes . . .


Rosemary said...

I'll be optimistic. I have a lot of confidence in my great-niece's frugal shopping skills. :)
My guess - $0.00 after rebate.

Tim and Richelle said...


don't ask me where that number came from. :-)

Tracy said...

My guess is about $26.59