Friday, November 6


1. I'm behind. In everything. Laundry, dishes, home-pre-school, blogging. Sleep.

2. My behind is not getting any smaller. Rats.

3. I'm hiding behind the computer screen right now, willing the child of 15 months to please, PLEASE stop crying and take a nap.

4. But we were behind schedule today, so it may be completely my fault.

5. Or I need to go check and make sure he has a clean behind.


BTW, photos of our trip to Colorado are here, if you are interested.


Shelley said...

I'm in the same place. It's hard when you have outside commitments to go to, that doesn't help.
I guess you keep doing your best and the Lord will make the impossible happen.

Alicia said...

I have the same behind issues and I don't have a vacation to blame it on! :) Just not enough hours in the day. Thank the Lord it's Friday and the weekend is upon us!

Tim and Richelle said...


when you feel like crying but don't want to... laughing is always a good strategy.

praying, friend!

Rachel said...

I haven't been by in a while! I always enjoy your writing....Many smiles and laughs in this visit. Especially the CO pics. Thanks for allowing me to vicariously revisit home. P.S. Your boys are darling. So much fun.