Tuesday, November 10

Life Lessons at Meijer

1. the cup holders in the blue carts are not the most reliable.

2. that is what I get for paying for coffee made by someone else. The first 3 sips were awesome.

3. snaps to Meijer for hiring a zealous cart getter who works most morning shifts. I wish he'd leave a cart or two so I don't have to follow the people coming out of the store in order to claim the cart before he snatches it up. Seriously, it would be a hilarious short film, my trying to get a cart before he can.

4. Meijer is a great place to learn that toys can be lost forever, light bulbs break when you drop them, and mommies tend to be a little testy when you move the cart down the checkout lane by pushing off the shopping belt. Also it is fun to push the buttons on the self checkout screen, but this can also make mommy a little bit upset if she doesn't want to have 7 transactions.

5. the penny horse is awesome. And when disobedience reigns throughout the store, not riding it is a very effective consequence.

I had a fun morning at Meijer. No, really, I did. Except for the cart moving thing, but possibly because it caused injury to my digits. I love having a curious, questioning 3 year old, and his grinning little baby brother. I love the smiles on fellow shoppers' faces when questions are asked so loudly that they can hear us clear back in electronics. I love "1-2-3, Jesus loves ME!" sung at the top of the lungs.

I'm soaking it all in.


Rachel said...

These "momma" days are priceless.

dan and cheryl forbes said...

You are a good mama!

Alicia said...

Shopping with kiddos is always an adventure, eh? Hope your digits aren't injured horribly. :)

Tim and Richelle said...

i love grocery shopping wiyh the gang... no... SERIOUSLY!!!!

suzanne said...

LOVE IT! Gavin also loves to sing Jesus loves me in public. I love it when people look at us like we're weird!