Friday, November 20

I feel your pain, Mr. Potato Head.

Aaron came up with this

new look for Mr. Potato Head

all on his own.

The teeth for a nose are painful enough,

but the feet in the mouth?

I can totally identify.

BTW, as an update, it's so fun to watch Aaron growing up. He turned 3 in August, which means he's 39-and-a-half months, and he's getting more interested in actual creative endeavors to do by himself like Mr. Potato Head and his jumbo Lego set. I'm sure his play will continue to be imaginative. He's so much fun.


dan and cheryl forbes said...

He is SO much fun and probably the foot in the mouth was inherited from Grandma :) HUGS FROM mom

Rosemary said...

I LIKE it Aaron! You made Mr. Potato Head look like Great-great Aunt Rosie. :) I have put my foot in my mouth more times that I want to count.

Shelley said...

Kids are so creative.