Monday, September 21

Works of God Monday

What a week it has been! I am thankful to God for so many things this week, but especially for the health and safety of our children. Praise God for sustaining us and for giving grace.

Yesterday after church, we had our first youth staff meeting of the school year and we are so excited to see what God is going to do this year in the junior high. We were sad to say goodbye to some friends who are moving up to work with the senior high, but we were also happy to welcome their replacements. We are so blessed to be able to have 3 fantastic couples who are willing to work with us to impact the junior high teens. We definitely couldn't do it without them! We are looking forward to this Wednesday - our first youth group week of the school year!

We were also able to begin the last big project before our home refinancing, which we are hoping will happen very soon. I'm getting so excited about it - it means that our PMI will go bye-bye and that our new kitchen is close enough to taste. I cannot tell you how excited I am getting to actually have a place for everything in my kitchen! YAY!

Anyway, we are clearing out the mudroom and pantry/laundry area so that we can clean up the drywall, finish the mudding and paint - it's not going to be finished the way we were thinking but it will enhance the value of our house for the appraisal. No one likes to see grey drywall with mud lines, and appraisers are no exception.

God's provision is evident in this project - in several ways. In the process, we've cleaned out our food pantry area and I am STUNNED with the massive quantities of food staples that we had stored back there. We have been blessed - and it's time for a pantry-clean-out challenge again for our family!

Second, the mud and paint are already in hand, provided by God at no cost to us! We are ready to go with very little out of pocket expense, which is always fantastic. I cannot wait to show you photos of our progress so that you can rejoice with us in God's provision. We are hoping that by next Monday, that project will be well underway, if not complete. Praise God!

And we've called the bank to start the process of the refinancing and got some great news - the current interest rate is well below what we are paying now, and the terms we were hoping for are also available and attainable. God is so kind to us. Please pray that everything continues to go smoothly in this process! We still have a ways to go for our 5-year plan, but this would keep us on track.

So how is God blessing your family, working in your life by encouraging, convicting, providing? Please share!

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up..." 1 Thess. 5:11

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Shelley said...

God is the great provider

Stephens said...

I just wish I could take a drive on over and see your place. :-) So happy for you and excited to hear about God's provision.