Friday, September 18


Woo hoo, it's Friday!! I was hoping to have the house whipped into shape and the laundry caught up by tonight - so we can spend our weekend NOT doing house chores, and perhaps get a little progress made in other areas. I'd like some progress in sleep catch up but something tells me that I am going to feel like that for a long, long time.

So I got started right away this morning, but while I was folding and sorting laundry I remembered that Evan is growing out of all his clothes and winter will soon be upon us, so I hauled out the larger-size clothes bins out of the garage and did a switcheroo now, to save steps.

God has blessed us ABUNDANTLY with clothes for the boys, and my list of things to keep looking for at the few dwindling garage sales is shockingly small. I even have a small stack to pass on to others, which is exciting. Unless someone wants to tell me that I might want to hang on to 8 pairs of 3T blue jeans. I don't know - I haven't ever clothed a 3 year old boy before.

Oh, and while you're at the clothing advice, if anyone knows where I can get regular old not-white toddler underwear (briefs) in size 2-3T that will last longer than this last pack, that would be good. I'd like plain colored ones - I think they'd look nice longer. We paid waaaaay too much for superhero underwear.

Anyway, I was so blessed that I had to praise God on our blog! I am so thankful for kind and generous people of God who are willing to bless us in this way!


nate, christina, and connor said...

8 pairs of jeans?? wow, that's a serious stash, girl. :) connor is extra hard on clothes and he made it through his 3s with only two pairs. of course, they both have two huge knees holes each, but still... he made it! haha!

TwoMuths said...

Christina, I KNOW! Three of the pairs look brand new and the rest are definitely play clothes. I think some other little guys have given them quite a workout, as mine, no doubt, will also. I was thinking of sharing a few of those play pairs.

Alicia said...

You're more ambitious than I! I opted to nap instead of folding laundry this afternoon. But I did get the kitchen floor mopped at least. Hand-me-downs are the BEST! We're also almost totally set for the fall. Just need a few basics for Chloe.