Monday, September 14


oh, yippee!!! Here's what I got at Target this morning. I have to say I was thrilled. I normally do not get to Target in time to cash in on the really great deals - or at least by the time I get there, all the stuff I have coupons for is already gone. So I figured Monday morning was as good a time as any to try again. So here's what I bought. Please keep in mind I am willing to pay (a little) more for quality products like Kashi!

6 boxes of Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal
2 Kashi frozen dinners (hey, I had coupons...)
2 boxes of Kashi cookies (what? This still counts as dessert? They taste like muffins!)
1 3-pack of baby wipes refills
a gigantic box of Pampers EasyUps - totally unplanned buy as they were clearancing all the big boxes in favor of the small boxes. 86 count.

Drumroll please, the total was...what? You want to guess? All right, fine. Guess away.

I'd love to give away one of the $5 Target gift cards I "earned" but I had to figure that in to my total, so that wouldn't be good. I have to use them for something boring and necessary in order to really see the savings. I'll post the total late tonight or tomorrow morning.


Alicia said...

Girl, I'm reveling in your bargaining high! I haven't hit target for a while but I had a stellar CVS run yesterday where I spent 70 cents out of pocket and got lots plus netted some ecb's. I totally floored the cashier -- what a great feeling!

Ok, here's my guess on your total (figuring in the $5 card you earned) . . . $12.

Karis said...

Ahhh...this was a part of culture shock that I didn't expect. No coupons or sales really takes a toll on a person! :-) I have never hit the Target coupons and sales, but when we lived in the States, I went to CVS twice a week and so miss all that stuff I got without paying out of pocket.

Yay for you! My mind is blank on a guess.

Doesn't love a wall said...


Mary Ann said...

Hmmm...we don't have a Target & I have no idea how their deals work BUT I'd love to hazard a guess at your total. What have I got to lose, right? :-) I'm gonna say $11 (and underbid Alicia just a 'lil bit!). Praise the Lord for all the wonderful ways He provides for our families. Good job, Jenny!