Tuesday, September 15

I am not superwoman.

I do appreciate all your kind guesses on my Target shopping trip, but here's the breakdown:

I paid $29.47.

The giant box of EasyUps was $20, though, after my coupon for that item, so that really inflated the total. I'm a loyal EasyUps brand user, as Aaron's skin never got along with Huggies as a baby. We were given some Pull-ups in a bigger size, so I'm hanging on to that pack to test out, but until then I'll take my mediocre deal on Pampers brand.

I've tried the store brands but I figure if I'm spending the $ for nighttime protection, I'm going to at least get something that has a more certain chance of not leaking. I realize I could wake up and take him to the bathroom, but at this point my sleep is most valuable to everyone's well being, and I'm not ready to face a freaked-out-'cause-I-woke-him three year old at midnight. And no one is ready to face a sleep deprived Jenny. *grin*grimace*

I was thrilled with my deals (Kashi for under $1/item??), but boy, howdy! I would have been even more thrilled with an under-$12 expenditure!

And let me also say at this juncture that not only am I brand loyal with training pants I don't really need to buy, but I also purchase only pre-cooked bacon. Please don't judge me.

So definitely, I am not superwoman.


Mary Ann said...

Me niether! My huge confession - I use salon shampoo/conditioner/styling products. My husband is appalled & somewhat amazed by the amount of money that I spend on my hair to keep it from being totally gray or falling out or breaking off. But he also appreciates the investment *grin*
We all have our weaknesses & in comparison to my confession, pre-cooked bacon or brand loyalty to training pants doesn't seem too shocking. Your welcome! *heehee*

Alicia said...

I figured I was low-balling it. And I've never really had to buy pull-ups so I had no clue how much a big box would cost.

I'm off to target with the kiddos this morning/afternoon to score on some cheap kashi stuff myself! We heart kashi in our house!

Karis said...

You are so funny. The way I look at it is that everyone (well almost everyone -- I'm sure there are exceptions as soon as I say something definitive) would buy something that someone else would consider a splurge, but that's the beauty of a budget. You know how much you have, and each family decides what they are and are not going to spend their allotted money on.

My weakness -- when I see $15 left in my grocery budget, I decide it's time to go out to eat. In fact, I thrive on cutting down throughout the month so I can "waste" money on just one (yummy) meal with no prep or dishes. :-)

Shelley said...

There are some things I could do to cut cost like buy a whole chicken and cut it up myself but I choose to buy the precut chicken.

I also buy the pre cooked ham because I don't want to take the risk of some kind of poisoning.

I did use the cloth diapers but when it came to going on outings I used disposables.

I figure there are some things in life if you can afford them and it makes your life easier so you can take care of something else it' OK by me.

Amanda Irene said...

Andrew is 4 and he still uses the largest size diapers just at night not pull ups b/c he has leakers. They have to be walmart brand too. As the others aren't quite as big or something?? I tried waking him up but, with his night terrors he just stands there and crys... a lot. Someday he won't wear diapers.

I bought a whole slew of kashi granola bars b/c of you. I tried something from them one time and it was gross. Its been a while since then so I thought I'd give it a go again. Peanut-almond somethinger-other granola bars are my fav now.

ruth said...

Ummm, I actually kind of think you are...

Marybeth said...

i don't think any less of you for being brand specific *grin* i am too--i am no longer in the diaper stage, but i was always pampers only--as the others just couldn't keep from leaking, and welll- i must confess, i, too, also buy precooked bacon!! it saves so much more time in the morn if the kiddos and me want bacon! i have to confess--i am brand loyal on lots of products--please don't think less of me for that :)

Doesn't love a wall said...

We all have our "brands" we have to have.....mine is MAC makeup. mmmmmm I love it. And I am one who needs hard core makeup. ; ) It's my weakness! Well, that and diamonds....

I love that you got a great deal on the pamps! I bought a zillion pckages of diapers and some PUs from walgreens when they had an awesome deal.....I can't believe my sensitive skin children can tolerate them but YAY for my budget!